Pictures of Websites On Strike to Protest Against PIPA and SOPA

This 18th January, there is a massive strike going on protest against PIPA and SOPA, the bills that if passed can be used inappropriately to shut down any site practicing freedom of speech law. But this is not all. The bills can also be used to take action against those who place links of another site on theirs. So neither me nor you will be safe. But how does the current strike look like?

Internet is a virtual world. The only way to show proper strike over here is by using blackout. This is what majority of the websites are doing right now. Just See below.


Before going on strike, Craigslist had a warning about PIPA and SOPA displayed on its homepage. Now as you can see, it is gone for the day. 

Above you can see the blackout screen of  Wordpress. On their other pages, they also have censored words and images to show how the sites would look if the bills are put into action. Those who use Wordpress can still log onto their blogs. They remain on air. 

This is not the official website of Whitehouse. Do notice gov1. The official one has gov only. The picture of Obama you see here is not made to mock him. The truth is that he too is partially against PIPA and SOPA. He does not wish to pass them, but his obstacle is 2012 election.

This is what Wikipedia looks like this 18th January. I suppose they did the blackout right at midnight. On Wikipedia, most words come from other sites (copy.paste). Of course, the credits are never stolen. Yet the bills will turn out to be more troublesome for this specific site because of the way they are structured. But hold on! Two Wikipeida pages are still open. Can you guess which ones they are? By now you should know the answer. They are the pages on Protect IP Act (PIPA) and Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).Wikipedia's move actually attracted more webmasters to go on strike. 

Reddit is a social bookmarking site normally used by men. It also allows discussion on most topics found under the sun. As you can see above, at the time of writing this post, it was still up. 
Latest update: Now they are on strike. If you enlarge the screen shot you will notice that the Reddit guy on the left is sad.

Michael Moore:
Michael Moore's official site is also on strike. He has left a bit of mystery over it through the use of torchlight effect.

Last, we have Google. Those who use this search engine (of course, almost all) have already seen it. The censor board was placed on the logo on 17th January. 

So why are they exactly protesting against the bills like this? It is because they want you to see how Internet will look after the bills are passed. By the way, there are many other sites that are doing the same. Facebooks is also against the bills, but the officials have not said anything about going on strike just yet. But there is one site which is having the pleasure of reporting the news on strike but is a big supporter of both the bills. It is none other than

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