Easy Trick to Save Shampoo: Anyone Can Do It

Using shampoo in shower is now a very ordinary thing. For some, it is something to be applied to hair every day. Others utilize it once or twice a week. Whatever the routine is, without it, washing hair is incomplete. But these days, good quality shampoo bottles have become highly expensive and that means we need to spend a few more dollars to buy them.  

Sure we have no problem doing this considering the fact that everything is pricey now. In spite of this, we must make an effort to use the shampoo from the bottle wisely.  The notion is to save it. But how? Just go over the trick to know the answer.

The trick to follow
Step 1: Do not pour the shampoo in your hand. Instead, pour it in a cup. The amount should be less than what you normally use for your entire hair. Remember we are learning how to save? 

Step 2: Add a few drops of water to it.

Step 3:Stir with your finger to loosen the shampoo in water. Also make sure that you see foams forming from it.

Step 4: Apply the mixture to your wet hair.

Step 5: Massage and wash in normal way.

If you keep doing this you will be able to make your shampoo last a long time in its bottle. Implementing this trick with two in one formula, however, is more advantageous. The result turns out to be higher gloss and silk effect for the hair. 

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