Things That Can Happen to You If You Don’t Wear Sunglasses

It is strange that in many parts of the world someone who wears sunglasses is taken as arrogant and spoilt.
In my Catholic middle school, those dark things were taken as overindulgence and students who wore them without any major health reasons were reported and even punished.

But the truth is that sun glasses no more are taken as fashion accessories. They are actually life savers and not just adults should use them, but also the little ones. You ask why? Because of the following reasons:

  • The skin under our eyes is extremely thin for which it remains vulnerable to environmental damage like the radiation from the sun. Sun glasses that give 100 percent protection against UV rays keep the area covered and protected against such problem. Thus, the regular wear will give benefits such as: delay wrinkle growth under the eyes and prevent dark circles.
  • Direct sunlight is harmful for the eyes. It contributes to adding cataracts, the white skins that at one point can impair you from seeing things clearly. In the final stage, this can even blind you. There is no medication to heal cataracts. They can be removed only through surgery. Of course, there are many other reasons why you can get such a nasty thing in your eyes, but sunlight is still taken as the leading problem. Wearing sunglasses will help you stay away from it.
Bottom-line is that you must wear sunglasses to save your eyes. Do not care about what others think. If your eyesight gets damaged they are not going to provide you money to fix it at any hospitals. So never give them importance. Learn to love yourself.
But you must know that if you already have problem with vision and must wear eyeglasses all the time, sunglasses available in normal stores will not be helpful for you. In fact you will need a specialized pair. Good news is that your eye doctor has solution for it. So do ask him to prescribe you the kind of pair that is most suitable for your eyes.

Last, but not the least, it is recommended that everyone stores clean their sunglasses and store them in a box. They should never be allowed to stay with other items. Otherwise, they might end up with dust which definitely is not good for the eyes. 

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