What Clothes Are Appropriate and Inappropriate for Women in Workplace Settings

All organizations have dress codes. During the first job orientation, the human resources managers will definitely talk about what the employees are allowed to wear in their workplaces. But their words can sometimes sound confusing and thus, for many, it is still easy to stay in fog about the entire topic.

Of course, for men, there are few clothing options available. But for women, the choices are infinite. Unfortunately, that can mean wearing something that can work against the office dress code. Now what are those inappropriate women’s clothes? The answer can be found in the given list:

  • T-shirts: Taken as too casual unless you are working for Google or Facebook.
  • Sweatshirts and Sweatpants: Most organizations have some kind of indifference to them despite the fact that they are actually quite comfortable to wear.
  • Jeans: Although it is comfortable to wear these pants, the authority figures do not want to see them in an office room. Yet it must be mentioned that female employees involved in a task of getting things off the trucks are usually allowed to go for both jeans and sweatpants. Another good news is that in most science field the pairs go without a notice. So if you are an engineer or chemist you might get away with them. 
  • Tank tops: Leaned towards body show.
  • Halter tops: Taken as too fancy.
  • Midriff tops: Again, has a tendency to promote body show.
  • Clothing promoting some kind of sayings: In other words, shirts with slogans on them are not allowed.
  • Any sleeveless top or dress
  • Any top or dress revealing necklines widely
Overall, women are to wear clothes that make them look formal and clean. 
Yet it must be mentioned that sometimes the body show still remains. I have been actually listening to many complaints from people about how some ladies working at banks wear formal clothes, but often cannot help the display of cleavage.  Remember, perhaps, it is possible to get away with such things from the managers, but customers tend to see it as disgusting. They simply do not want it in a serious places. So no matter where you work, try to keep your breasts nicely covered. In addition to all this, formal appearance is given importance in majority of the organizations. But how would you show that you are maintaining it? Just follow the tips given below:
  • Wear makeup, but do not go overboard with it: The best is to use colors that seem neutral. Yet remember, maroon colored lipstick is seen as okay to wear at workplaces.
  • Have a normal hairstyle: If you have long hair and dislike pony tails, just make sure that it is not coming over your face. It is also possible to see a black or brown hair band as a good life saver.
  • Keep your tattoos covered with your clothes: Of course, you have all the rights to display your fashion statement, but in a workplace the tattoo is seen as inappropriate. Your employer would be glad to see it covered.
  • Earrings must be small: Certain long earrings are considered as outrageous. So keep them aside. As for eyebrow earings, save them for the duty free hours.
  • Shoes must make you look like a woman: In other words, don’t go for sneakers, sandals or flip flops. 
This is just the basic. Some states like Utah have their own dress codes for professionals. You might not know it until you start working. Sometimes an organization can refrain from giving an orientation about your job. Meanwhile, it is possible that the entire topic of dress code is absent on the papers they give you to learn about company's policies. Under such circumstances, it is best to ask the human resources manager on how they want you to dress up for your work. 

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