7 Disadvantages of Buying Makeup and Skin Care Products Online

Online shopping has now turned into a norm. We all see it as convenient because it requires no driving, hours of cart dragging and fighting with a crowd of people for the clear path. These days, it is possible to buy almost everything online. This includes even makeup and skin care products.

Just with the help of a credit card or cashier’s check, they can be easily bought from any online stores. Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks or disadvantages of using such source for buying cosmetics and skin care products. Just see below:

1. The waiting period for receiving the product might be longer than expected: Online shopping cannot let you have the item in your hand right away. Yes, sometimes, if you agree to pay for the expedited shipping it might reach your home early, but some stores simply do not offer this feature. So whatever you buy ends up reaching your home after a couple of days or weeks.

2. Online picture of the product turns out to be deceiving: This happens. What you see on screen can turn out to be totally different in real life. So a lipstick that you thought was orange in the online picture might end up being actually ruby red.

3. Delivery of expired makeup or skin care item: This hassle goes hand in hand with online shopping. Sometimes it is seen that the cosmetics and skin care products are delivered in their expired condition. It is possible that the sellers know about it, but feel that the buyers will not notice it. So it is important that as soon as you receive your online bought lipstick, lip gloss or lotion in your hand you check its expiration date.
4. Delivery of used/returned makeup or skin care item: This is another blooming case in the field of online shopping. We caught even Amazon sellers doing it. The item delivered turns out to be already returned or used previously. Perhaps, the seller is well aware of it, but thinks he can get away by sending it to another buyer.

5. The item might well be a counterfeit:  There are many producers who like to produce items that imitate products made by the original brands. Their items tend carry certain features of the originals ones. For instance, most often it is not possible to distinguish their packaging style, logo, scent and color from the real products’. But one thing that they lack is the effectiveness. Unfortunately, certain independent stores online do sell such counterfeit products. Being a little careless online shopper can easily make you their victim. By the way, these days, even Amazon and Ebay have become victims of fake products. You will find on those sites lots of listing of Estee Lauder and M.A.C products. It is better to not go for them.

6. The store owner is a con artist: Most independent stores are questionable in nature. In short, they might be just scam sites in disguise.  How would you know it? The answer is quite simple. They will have a check out section where they will take down your credit card number. The money from your card will also be withdrawn, but they will not send your purchased item to your house ever.  This can turn into a big hassle especially if the said store’s owner turns out to be from a distant country. Under such circumstances, there is very little you will be able to do to regain your lost money.

7. Item can get lost on its way to the buyer's destination: It is best not to buy extremely expensive cosmetics and skin care products online, for they might not simply arrive to you at all. The reason behind this is that the postal officials sometimes are irresponsible. So they can easily lose your item. Of course, you can notify the seller about it, but there is very less chance that he will cooperate with you especially if the tracking number is absent in this situation. 

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