5 Brands that Make the Best Eye Shadows

We can never ignore eye makeup. It is usually the major highlight of the face and eyes. Needless to say that eye makeup is the first thing to capture people's attention and secretly, all women know why several minutes are dedicated to this exact thing. That is why, to make it stand out, we must always use the best eye shadows. The advantage of this is not only perfect pigments, but also making sure that the colors stay longer over the lids.

Good news is that there are brands that are quite efficient in giving them the best quality. The praises about them come from both stylists and makeup enthusiasts. And believe it or not, their quality has always remained consistent throughout the years.

We take a look at the 5 best here today. Interestingly, these brands play a major role in giving the right look to actresses and music artists in their movies and music videos. They also inspired many to take extra interest in makeup which in turn has made them makeup guru without even the main degree. Some among them are now on Youtube teaching people how to their own makeup. Now let's have a look at those miracle eyeshadows.

1. M.A.C

Without a doubt, M.A.C stands out as the number one brand for producing high quality pigmented eye shadows. There is just something too elegant about them. You might not be a pro, but wearing them will make you look like one. Additionally, they last for hours on the eyelids. Apparently, it is a smart choice to invest money on a MAC 120 Colors Professional Eye shadow Palette.

2. Christian Dior

This brand is no less than M.A.C. Only thing is that it specializes in producing the basic colors, packing five of them in each case. Christian Dior eye shades can make any pair of eyes stand out. That is why, they can turn into addiction for most women. The secret to be revealed is that it makes eye makeup look extremely stunning in photos.

3. Estee Lauder

For having sophisticated eye makeup, Estee Lauder is the best. Their eye shadows do seem to have some glitters. But instead of all sparkling, they end up making the shades smoother and silkier on the lids. Estee Lauder eye shadows are long lasting. They do not scream “too much makeup” and thus, they are great for business presentations and board meetings.

4. Max Factor

Not as expensive as the rest, Max Factor eyeshadows adjust themselves smoothly to all eyelids. Quality wise, they are highly pigmented. That is why, it is quite easy to achieve desired result with them. Another thing is that they are long lasting. Since they are affordable and of good quality, they can easily become the favorites of high school and college going girls.

5. Make Up For Ever

This is another brand worth mentioning here. The shades from Make Up For Ever have strong definition. Because of this, they easily show up on the lids. Most often people settle for their solo cases. That is actually a little unwise move. The truth is that its bigger palettes are available and having them in the makeup collection is the best thing to do. 

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