Understanding Aquarius Rising

Aquarius is known for being unique. Even as rising, it does not fail to maintain that. Physically, they are just different from one another. Yet do take a look at their eye brows. They are usually darker and thicker. Same is true for their head hair.

Additionally, the Aquarius rising has their lower lip naturally plumped. But the upper one is always thin. This just becomes highlighted through a smile in both the men and women. In this situation, the upper lip goes inside while the lower one plumps or blossoms all the more.

Now many astrologers claim that Aquarius rising people look unpredictable. Not much explanation is ever given on this, but here it will be revealed. The truth is that Aquarius rising people use many different expressions while conversing and the words they pick often end up becoming more leaned towards "wits". Still the women are very different from their male counterparts.

In details, the Aquarius rising females look bubbly. Their behavior is no less than that. If you hang out with them, you will notice that they are very much like little children. But do not expect this same thing from the males, for they try their best to look and sound mature, and philosophical with their expressions and words. Despite this, they do not have control over one thing and that is the age of their faces. Yes, they tend to look like teenagers.  Interestingly, these guys prefer to not directly look in the eyes of the person during a face to face conversation. This has nothing to do with shyness. It is just that they have too many things in their minds which they wish to discuss.
Additionally, Aquarius is known for its will power, stubbornness, impartiality and openness to new ideas. When in rising it decorates its natives with those same traits. So you will always feel that your Aquarius rising friend understands whatever you explain to them.  But this does not mean that you should expect them to accept your values and ideas especially if they are clashing with their own values and ideas.  Things might just get worse if you force it all upon them. Aquarius rising people are hardcore defenders of what they believe in and like. And anyone forcing them to change that will end up in a fierce argument. Yet all other times, Aquarius rising people will be jolly, sweet and peace loving. 

In love and relationships, what other normal couples do will never work for Aquarius rising natives because they prefer running away from what everyone does.  The norm is just boring. Thus, their lovers must be always ready to try out something new or unique. Do expect them to be faithful especially if they are deeply in love. Always remember that Aquarius is a fixed sign. So in the air element, it is the only one that has less chance of getting stray. Even as a rising, it is just like that. However, if for any reason Aquarius rising sees that you are not the one they are looking for they might stay with you, but will make sure that everyone comes to know that they are not getting married to you. The reason behind this is that they like being honest about their intentions.

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