Understanding Pisces Rising

When you first take a look at a Pisces rising you will fall in love with their nose. It is just in perfect shape. Both male and female natives are blessed with this. Also do look at their hair. It should have the cotton like texture.

As for the eyes, their iris will be slightly bigger and sharper. And this is what going to give the Pisces rising an artistic facial structure. Yet somehow you might mistake them for a nerd, for they look knowledgeable and very experienced in life. This is actually something coming from the age of sign, Pisces. In astrology, it is the oldest. Thus, as the rising it highlights the person as someone who learned about the world for a long time.

The first meeting with the Pisces rising people bring out their peaceful nature. There is something too soft about them. This can just tempt you to stay with them for a longer time. Better than this is the fact that you will actually find yourself enjoying their presence! It is just that the natives will blend with your personality to make you feel right at home. Remember Pisces is a mutable sign? This is what you are going to get from its rising also. In addition, if you open up to a Pisces rising you will also find that they start to look very concerned about your unhappiness or problems. No, they are not faking it.

They are actually kindhearted and do wish to help you out. But this does not mean that they are going to push this help on you. Instead they will just try to calm you down by hearing more about your sorrows. In between, do expect an advice. They might not help you much, but do remember that if the Pisces rising finds this out they will start to blend with your sorrow. So in this situation, you will not be the only person struggling.

In love, the Pisces rising will try to look passive, but will have tendency to be drunk with love. Can they stay faithful? It is possible only if the remaining placements have many fixed or stable signs or they have had a positive upbringing. One important thing to mention here is that because of their concern for others and ability to adapt to different environments they can easily get into friendship with people from the opposite gender. This can turn into a problem for their partner. If the Pisces rising is not street smart he or she might easily get entangled in affairs with random manipulative friends.

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