Understanding Capricorn Rising

Capricorn is by far one of the most serious signs in astrology. When it is the rising same must be expected. Apparently, the most interesting feature of Capricorn rising is its pair of eyes. Even if they are big in size they are always hidden between thick eyelids and skin found under water line.

But somehow they usually give off an air of innocence. Meanwhile, the chin is usually oval and forwarded in shape. So when you take a look at a Capricorn rising you will first notice their chin and not the eyes.

Now whether it is a man or woman, in the beginning, a Capricorn rising appears expressionless, quiet, business minded, skilled and very serious about everything. You might simply think twice before greeting them, for you will feel that they will not reply to you at all. But at the same time because of their seriousness, you will want them to work with you. Somehow you just have to think that they will work hard in any project they undertake.

Personality wise, it is true for this placement because its people do give importance to work more than all other signs. Interestingly, their dressing style is as serious as their appearance. We can simply conclude that the men are born with formal clothes on! As for women, they prefer the conservative dressing style. Thus, their fashion statement carries a ladylike air.
As lovers, Capricorn rising people are faithful, but slightly interested in maintaining reputation. Consequently, even if they get betrayed in love they might try to hide it from the public by saying that nothing is wrong between them and their partners. But most often Capricorn rising natives do not show any interest in being open about their relationships. And even if they do say something about their romantic lives they make sure that the conversation about it is kept short.
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