Why is Michelle Obama’s $29 Dress a Headline News?

Yahoo News seems to be turning into comic strips day by day. This might be because there is simply no news to cover or they are trying to copy Foxnews! Whatever it is, one thing is certain and that is, Yahoo News needs a new person as authority figure.

Today, when I went to Yahoo homepage I was bombarded by the headline “Michelle Obama wears $29 Gap dress”. Wow, how sensational! The first lady wore a $29 dress? She is so down to earth. No wait, how can she bring down the name of United States with 29 bucks? It is like a nuking the entire country, etc, etc, etc. The last statements were the reactions that Yahoo wanted from us readers. I am quite sure there are some people who would react like that. But a little inspection and common sense will bring the surprise from sky to ground.

It is just that the images attached to the story are funnier than we can imagine. Take a look it closely. The Gap model is wearing the dress whose fabric and style match Michelle Obama’s top. Yes, Mrs. Obama is wearing a top and not a dress. But take a look at the title of the story. It says “dress”.

Another thing I would like to point out is that their so called dress is not $29, but $29.99 and that is also on sale as mentioned by Shine staff.  
We actually take it as $30. Add the tax also if you can.  But there is no way one can buy it anymore. The sale time is over. I clicked on Shine staff’s given link and this is what I got

Oh no, I missed it. No, I can’t believe I am late. What is going to happen to me? I thought to tell everyone that I owned a dress aka top worn by Michelle Obama. Just being sarcastic!

So why we should just take this news story as another trash from Yahoo? Because first of all, the title is misguiding. First lady is not wearing a dress, but a top! Secondly, it will be little pathetic for us to believe that she actually bought it from sale. Of course, she has the right to take advantage of a sale offer just like every other wise shopper. But what she buys should not be changed into headlines. Some years ago, we had Laura Bush as our first lady. How come Yahoo never did news on her fashion taste? Was it because her dresses were too boring? Yes, I know all her dresses looked the same. That is nothing to write about. But Michelle Obama is young. She still has enough time to indulge herself in the colorful world of fashion. Yet judging her clothes by looking at their price tags is rather odd. Yahoo news must also do something about the lies that they keep using in most of their cover stories. It is just becoming a habit now. The title, "Michelle Obama wears $29 Gap dress" is the proof of that.

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