Sinister Truth Revealed By A Spy From Adultery Site

Internet is like sushi. It is healthy and addictive, yet may harm someone with its parasites. Snowden confirmed the massive surveillance program of NSA.

Yet many chose to go against the idea of keeping their private lives out of Internet. Playing with fire does burn and now there is news that private companies are also spying on people through their own sites. Ashley Madison is one of them. This a site for those who are already in relationship, but have a tendency to wander off. In short, it is the dating site of cheaters.

Today Ashley Madison has more than 21 million subscribers. Not all of them are from north America. Success in such a strange venture proves to be beneficial for other things. Just recently, a professor from University of Winchester  came out with a weird conclusion that married women cheat because they are looking for passion. They actually love their husbands and don’t want a divorce. Give a standing ovation for their moral stance.  People cheat online when they don’t want to divorce.

Traditionally, cheating online equals to having an affair secretly because Internet is perceived as a place for anonymous communication. But when you give out your credit card number you don’t remain anonymous anymore at least to site officials in the background. The irony is that Ashley Madison’s chatting and messaging options are not free. So those who want to cheat desperately are compelled to give out their private information. Back to professor’s story, don’t you wish to how he came up with the conclusion?

Apparently,  Ashley Madison allowed him to do the research by granting him the permission to peep into subscribers’ chat scripts. Some experts doubt his conclusion and one publisher already rejected his paper. But this has little impact on him. He is working to get more researchers to study the cheaters on the site. Can the subscribers sue Ashley Madison because of the spying program? Not at all because they accepted the terms and conditions of the site. The content explicitly tells them how their information is used.

Previously, Ashley Madison released a report on zodiac signs and cheaters. They declared that Pisces men and Gemini women make up the majority in their subscriber list. Therefore, they are number one cheaters. In another report, they showed that affairs make women shopaholic. This can be extracted from survey, but it seems that the site is now moving towards serious studies by attracting real researchers. They will not release the private information of subscribers because the basis of their business is trust. People use the site because they are assured their activity will remain private. Also laws in many countries including US and Canada forbids it. By far Ashley Madison is one of the few websites that garners much hate, yet has managed to gain success. Yet it is important to exercise caution online. CEO of the site already wrote a book on the reasons behind cheating. How did he get the evidence to support his points?

Taking the wrong path just for moments of fun does not always lead to happiness. This lesson was highlighted by those who out of temptation joined Adult Friend Finder site and lost money through credit cards. They thought they were buying service. But later, it turned out to be a scam. They could not get the refund for service they never received. Fear of attracting shame forced them to not contact the cops.

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