Burt's Bees Brightening Dark Spot Corrector Review (Updated)

I read about how daisy could heal age spots and acne marks. The conclusion was based on real experiments. The next thing that came across me was Burt's Bees brightening collection. It was an ad. I was not interested in it all of what was offered. I wanted to see the flower's direct effect. But at the same time, I was little scared.

I don't think all natural ingredients can be used just like that. Some need processing. As a result, in the end, I decided to go for Burt's Bees Brightening Dark Spot Corrector. It is organic. I did not see any harm in trying it out on acne marks. Its price is $20.  See the package below for all that this corrector offers.

The size of the bottle is highly disappointing, for it does not do justice to the price. Nevertheless, what is inside the bottle is effective in most unusual way. I found this out even without following Burt Bee's recommendations. The package says that for best results, we are to use the entire Brightening collection. Also the corrector is to be applied once in the morning and once at night. I wore mine just at night before going to sleep. I had a reason behind this.

The corrector does not have just daisy extracts. Other ingredients that went in it are extracts from aloe vera, sugarcane, sugar maple, peppermint, cumaru seeds, orange, lady's mantle, lemon, gypsyweed, wheat bran, mallow, radish root ferment filtrate, primrose, sodium benzoate, alcohol, water, glycerin and much more.

Inside the bottle, they look somewhat like rotten swamp with tiny pulps. But the ejected liquid looks just like yellow water. I did not like it in the sense that it was difficult to apply it on the face evenly. In fact, I felt a need to hurry up. What if the drops dried out right on fingertips?

As I said earlier, I had a reason to use the corrector only at night. Actually, the first day, I noticed brownish residue of the corrector under my eyes. And despite being thin, the liquid felt sticky on the face. This gave me discomfort and I decided to move it to my bedtime beauty regime. In the beginning, I was also confused about how to wear it. The package says that it is possible to apply the liquid either on the entire face or limit it to spots. I have chosen the option of using it on the entire face. According to the package, I must use it for 8 weeks to see the final result. But I could not wait. It is just my first 3rd week and I am already seeing some results.
The corrector has not done anything to the spots. I do not see any visible difference. Perhaps, something will come up after 5 weeks. If that happens I will give its update here. But currently, I am pleased to announce that it has solved some of my other skin problems. Every summer, my skin suffers from extreme dryness. I have been always victim of white flakes. They tend to party all day over my laugh lines and no moisturizer has ever been effective on them. Strangely, ever since I started using the corrector, these flakes have stopped partying. My face does not feel dry like before. During the treatment, the zits do not appear either. Why do I say treatment? Just once when I skipped the corrector I saw two zits forming. My assumption is that if I stop using the corrector all these problems will resurface. I must also stretch that now the face feels unusually illuminated all day and yes, toned! Even the foundation glides on smoothly.

Overall, the corrector has fulfilled its promises of giving brighter complexion and even skin tone. On the top of this, it has taken care of acne. I am highly impressed by the results. Probably, next time, I will get another product from the Brightening collection. I am not going to rate this one now. Let's just wait for the remaining 5 weeks to see if it can affect the acne marks.

Update 1: Although my face looks dead white now the acne marks remain. I cannot tell what is wrong. But yes, it does seem to lessen the appearance of zits and can even shrink them within 24 hours. My conclusion is that it is not much of a spot corrector. Yet I have fallen in love with it. It truly makes a magical difference in makeup, acne and overall skin texture. So I would give it 4/5 stars.

Update 2: I tried the cleanser. There is nothing special about it. It does not remove makeup and has a little too much oil. The cleanser provides no value to the Spot Corrector.

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