Most Common Foolproof Romantic Formula to Attract Mr. Right

Remember that high school crush of yours which never came to fruition?Later you probably had relationship with other guys. But just for a moment, ask yourself what attracted you to those specific people and why you wished to have a relationship with them. Sure you will say because you like or love them.

But what has contributed to this feeling? Don't scratch your head because psychology has the answers to all of them. No matter how different we are, no matter where we live, the way we go about looking for a relationship is always connected to same old features of interpersonal attraction and triangular theory of love. They emphasize that nothing happens randomly. If you don't believe it read the details given below. They will also provide you with clear explanation on why you could not have a relationship with your high school crush. If you are single they will help you learn the tricks to get to Mr Right. Infographic is also included.

Interpersonal Attraction

A relationship begins with specific process of screening. Sometimes you have control over how you go about moving from one to another. Other times, they occur from divine intervention which traditionally is called accident.

Screen#1: Proximity
According to theory of proximity, a relationship begins with seeing, hearing and of course, interaction.  The notion is that the closer you are to a person, the better you will be able to interact with him. The more it continues, the more you will get to know him. In brief, the meetings lead to relationship. Proximity does not say that one has to be extroverted to make this happen. It only concludes that without interaction, it is not possible to woo the love interest. This means that if you are shy just make a point to bump into your love interest or visit places where he is normally found.

Screen#2: Physical Attractiveness
Perhaps, you think he is handsome, but does he have the same opinion about you?Since beauty is in the eye of beholder, how attractive you are to him is just partially in your control. Example of it is taking measures to look your best to get his attention. Research shows that we choose to be in relationships with those who are on our same plain of attractiveness. The reason is our fear of rejection from those who are not fully like us in appearance. This fear brews from our shyness.

Screen#3: Similarity
Theory of similarity states that two people do not require to be 100 percent similar. What matters most is whether they think and behave in the same way because this is what breaks the ice and takes the two people to comfort zone where they become more open to each other. Didn't you hear the saying that birds of a feather flock together? Similarity is so powerful that it can override the failed stage of physical attractiveness to bring two people into a relationship. Once again, it is all about comfort zone. In the same way, a failure in similarity is far more capable of failing the infatuation created by that stage of physical attractiveness. Just ask yourself whether you can be happy with someone who does not abide by what you value the most? If you are more of a homely person would you be able to stay with someone who needs to climb the mountain to feel alive?

Doesn't opposite attract?
The concept of opposite attracts is something based mainly on physical attractiveness and sometimes lust. He probably is attractive. He probably makes your body spark in bed. But with only those two, a relationship cannot find its ground, for differences lead to arguments which eventually become unbearable. Research proves that  like minded couples tend to have lasting relationships while those that are opposite part their ways.
If you are lonely and looking you can take advantage of  proximity, physical attractiveness and similarity by going to places where you will find plenty of fish. Make use of interaction, but refrain from looking desperate.

Triangular Theory of Love

Interpersonal attraction theories are connected to the initial stage of a relationship. They are more about the friend zone. How to go deeper into the relationship? Triangular theory of love has the answer to this. This theory takes us to the path of more than friends.

#1. Intimacy
This has nothing to do with sex. The true meaning of intimacy here is bonding which occurs after two people begin to realize that they think alike. The chemistry just feels right and your concern for him starts to increase. He feels the same way about you. In short, you two found the special someone in each other.

#2. Passion
Things between special someones can't stay platonic too long. For some, it is all in sex. But then there is another group of people for whom just a simple physical touch becomes memorable. Consequently, it will be wrong to assume that passion kicks in only in bed.  The truth is that passion is related to intense sexual desire for the special someone.

#3. Decision/Commitment
When bonding feels right and passion keeps the two people awake at night, the decision to commit automatically kicks in. It is the recognition of love and official version of relationship. Yet the success of both depends  on how effectively the couple passes the test of bad times.

So now do you get how friendship turns into love and then relationship? We all experiences these phases. If only cleverly used, one no more has to be stay single.

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