Cool Olive Oil Tips and Tricks for Skin and More

Olive oil is has a combination of monounsaturated fats, oleic acid and antioxidants. This makes it perfect cooking oil for all those who wish to lower their cholesterol and stay healthy. Once you become a senior citizen, probably, your doctor will recommend you to add it to your every day diet for the same reason. But wait not to see the wonder of olive oil. It can do a lot more than that. To many, olive oil is a blessing in disguise for a reason. Have a look at the amazing tricks and tips that bloomed from it.

1. It is a great pain reliever: Those who have arthritis or bursitis can massage olive oil onto targeted areas for relief. It does not permanently shoo away the pain, but sleep at night should be comfortable. Some say that the massage must be done with warm oil. Experiment at home shows that it does not matter.

2. It can be used as a natural tanner: Whether on the beach or at home, olive oil is known to provide skin with great tan. Studies confirm that that olive plants have natural sun blocking agent. That is the reason why its oil provides tan to the skin without letting it to be harmed by ultraviolet ray. With that being said, experts do not recommend sitting in the sun for hours with olive oil on the skin. They give a time limit of one hour.  At home, there is less to worry about. The method here involves application of paste made from olive oil and coffee to the entire body. A warm shower is followed after 20 minutes. Weekends are the best time for this process. It is also recommended to wear gloves before handling the paste.

3. It can reduce crows feet: The problem of crows feet begins from the age of mainly 30. It can appear prematurely from excessive facial skin movements. Sure anti aging creams can reverse it, but they are not made for young skin. But good news is that regular olive oil massage on the attacked area is a great substitute.

Pouring olive oil from bottle
4. Olive oil can be shaving cream: Believe it or not, olive oil can do the job of shaving cream quite well. It gives a moisturized slippery effect to the hair and that enables a trouble free shave. 

5. Loosening gum stuck to hair: What is the first method that comes to your mind to get rid of the chewing gum stuck to hair? Of course, it is tearing the hair. Don't do this. Instead apply this magical oil to the targeted spot and keep massaging. The gum will soon start to come off. 

 6. It straightens and moisturizes nails: If you hate the dry look of your nails or fed up with their brittle texture, try massaging them with tiny drops of olive oil. This will not only sparkle them, but also will keep them moisturized and strong. 

7. It is a medication against dry, damaged, brittle, discolored hair and dandruff: Olive oil has a love affair with hair. Regularly massaging it to hair and scalp (if possible) with almond oil prevents dandruff and split ends. The oil is also an excellent restorer of original hair color. It is not important to have it warm unless the second priority is comfort for head. To prevent hair from attracting dust, it is good to wash off the oil later with shampoo. By the way, when this treatment can kill lice also.

8. It can be used as a tough paint stain fighting soap: This works perfectly to remove paint from hands and there are two options for it. First one includes rubbing the hands with a combination of sea salt and olive oil. The second option is rubbing the hand with olive oil and then scrapping it all off with a rag.

9. It can enhance the treatment given to lips: Olive oil just by itself can heal chapped lips. In other kinds of treatments, it can work as a binder. This means it prevents any kind of homemade paste from running off the lips. So try adding it to your recipe for trouble free application. Olive oil can also be used in homemade lip gloss. The basic recipe includes two other ingredients which are food coloring and bees wax.

10. It can be used for eye makeup: Using olive oil as a makeup removal is a popular trick. But what if we reverse the role? Even here it wins. Apparently, olive oil can add great shine to dry dead looking eyelashes.


  • Never use any of these tips and tricks without first testing.
  • Those who suffer from acne and eczema should not directly use olive oil. Research done by British University of Sheffield Medical School in 2013 shows that this oil can cause redness and eczema.

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