Why Miley Cyrus Behaves Wild: 4 Ugly Reasons Behind It

Miley Cyrus is our present good girl gone wild. Her MTV video music award performance is still the most talked about topic for the media. The next in line is the concert she is doing all over the world. It is getting raunchier and as usual, it is a matter to be discussed by all. Criticisms are high in the air. But there is no denying to the fact that her acts are finally compelling people to wonder if it is truly okay for female artists to expose to achieve the position of a star. Even the celebrities are making themselves heard about it. Sinead O'Connor wrote an open letter, advising Miley Cyrus to turn around. She explained various reasons that she believed will one day bring disaster in Miley's life. This has led to an open war between the two.

Miley Cyrus turned a deaf ear to the good side of the first letter and and media people now have their negative eyes set on Sinead O'Connor. Miley is still not free from their attacks though and she cares not about it. But why has she suddenly turned into a wild beast?Why did she say goodbye to her angelic Hannah Montana character? Four reasons as the answer to it are given below. They were right in front of our eyes, but we allowed them to be overshadowed by our disgust for her.

Born to Be Wild

Many people are screaming that Miley Cyrus used to be a role model for children and that is why it is wrong for her to play with sexuality on national channel. Can we call this a fallacy? Children do grow up you know? It is not like Miley Cyrus was the only one who had the privilege to see her age progress. Also it is silly to think that media kids grow up to be saints.

It is not difficult. Transformation is possible only if they decide to stop following the eternal flame of fame. An excellent example of this is Tiffany Brissette who played android Vicky in Small Wonder now is a nurse in Colorado. Before changing her career, she did a few movies.

Southern California air generally reacts negatively when mixed with money, kaleidoscopic night life, drugs, alcohol and peer pressure. That is why, we have the unusual real life question marks like Lindsey Lohan and Macaulay Culkin. Bottom-line is that Miley Cyrus is doing what is very much traditional to her. When she was still a teenager she caused controversy by dancing dirty with 44 year old producer Adam Shankman.
His career in the industry started 10 years before Miley's Birth
People booed at the leaked video, but Miley remained unapologetic. It must be noted that dirty dance is much a part of our normal culture. At least in Californian high school proms the gentlest and sweetest female teen loses her shell to dance like this. The only reason it does not welcome controversy is because she does it with a guy of her age. For Miley Cyrus,this is vanilla. She was born in the celebrity world. She knew what it was made up of. Music, television and movie industries look flashy from outside, but inside of them dwell plenty of flesh eating worms. Casting couch is still the first step to achieving a contract for most new artists. And once the curtain goes down, it becomes easier to gel well with any kind of copulation. Going public about it happily is okay, but tantrum proves to be risky, for it results in tarnished image and profession. Most often the whistle blower is presented by the media as someone who wants attention. When this tactic fails, new headline surfaces to make sure that public urges them to see a psychologist. If this does not stop them from talking, they are either sincerely helped to take more than enough drugs or sent to experience their last flight. In brief, for artists, it is best to keep quiet and digest everything. This probably does not apply to Miley Cyrus, for she grew up under the shadow of flesh eating worms.

Little Help from Fairy Godfather

We all are aware of Hannah Montanafever. I never watched any of the episodes but gazillion number of products sold with an emphasis on it were visible to me. Honestly speaking, it was easily forgettable. Thus, for a singing profession which she wanted to continue lifelong, she needed a different kind of person. Probably, she did not want to go down the dark lane at least under the public eye. Her first non Hannah Montana album Breakoutis proof of it. Despite its moderate success, critics all over the country mentioned that it still reminded them of the tv series. She then tried the soft core sexual image with her Can't Be Tamed album, but it went unnoticed. To many, the album itself was a failure. In the end, Miley became compelled to to pray for fairy godfather, Larry Rudolph to show up. Then the magic of twerk occurred, making her a sensational star overnight. Larry Rudolph is quite good with his magic wand. He was the fairy behind the success of Britney Spears's career and raunchy act she did at 2001 MTV video music award. He says that today Miley Cyrus no more needs his help. She does it all naturally. He did not require working hard on her. He just had to advise her to give her best in what she originally was.
Rudolph was the major force behind Britney Spears' career

Perfect Work of Reverse Psychology

Reverse psychology is a term that marketing stretches heavily. According to it, we humans are interested in what looks forbidden to us. As mentioned earlier, what Miley Cyrus is doing is not new to her. It is not new to us either despite our no connection to harem. We are surprised, disgusted, sad and what not? In our free land, we are making ourselves heard about it using social media. This is creating buzz, making many who never probably knew Miley Cyrus to flock to Youtube to watch her MTV video music award performance and sexually charged videos. We humans have a habit of warming up to things we see continuously. Media still reports about her raunchy acts and sayings. We criticize her, but in between, many tiny ones among us have finally surrendered to the delusion that her songs are good for ears. Do not take it like an insult. The writer herself was once a dumb fan of Backstreet Boys. She was brought to her senses by operatic metal. Being little comes with a price. Our tiny brains can't differentiate between delusion and reality. We should not forget the adults who cannot think anything, but pop music. Many of them surrendered themselves to her music. Now with record sales skyrocketing, Miley Cyrus is a strong rival to Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.

Fury Makes One Famous

The more she will stay in the news, the more we will remain furious at her. But why? We saw this before, yet we think she is trashy. Her clothes are nothing new. Swimsuits and bikinis as dance costumes were made popular by Lady Gaga. People saw class in it. But now suddenly Miley Cyrus' nude shaded bikini is getting her slapped. It is not that we are angry towards what she is doing. We are just having trouble digesting that a girl who once played the role of sweet Hannah Montana is now wearing outrageous clothes and doing wild things. She made just one little change in Lady Gaga's swimsuits. If you notice carefully, you will see that Miley's bottom part is slightly stretched up.

Sure that is bitter to our eyes. But that is how we gave Miley a new marketing formula. She will continue to use it to keep her star battery charged. Her clothes are going to get skimpier and her wildness will get deeper day after day.

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