10 Beauty Product Secrets That Will Save Your Money

Skin is always changing, leaving us desperate to look for ways to normalize it. We are constantly hunting for new skin care products. Many times, we all have fallen for the promises that every new skin care product makes. We bought them. We tried them. Some showed good result. Others burned our skin. Caring for skin should not be this difficult, but how do we save ourselves from the spell of marketing gimmicks? We are not always told the truth. It will never happen.

No company wants to be bankrupted. So we are left to find out the truth ourselves. Below are some that will blow your mind. There are so many myths out there that we think are true. Many dermatologists throughout the world have finally spoken about them. It would be silly to miss it.

1. Not all skin care products available at drugstores,Walmart and even Macy's are designed to provide permanent results. They may become even more useless if we do not physically try to take precautions. This is true especially for acne fighters. They can minimize the appearance of acne, but will never solve the main problems. Also if because of hormones skin is going through biological changes no cream from outside will help.

2. You heard about anti aging moisturizers. Honest dermatologists believe that just wearing one makes no difference. The only good thing it might do is moisturize the skin.

3. No anti aging cream has ever completely removed wrinkles. They just minimize the appearance.

4. Majority of the time the main reason behind premature aging is the sun. The more it is avoided the better it is for the skin and wallet. However, for a teenager, the problem might be different. Studies show that genes are responsible for wrinkles appearing too early in life.

5. A blend of wrinkles and dark circle under eyes is a genetic factor. No dark circle remover will ever change it.

6. Face wash marketed as blackhead remover does not truly remove blackheads.

7. These days most foundations and mineral makeup products contain anti sun ingredients. The labels may say SPF10, SPF15 and so on. Guess what? Like a real sunscreen cream, these cosmetics do not provide full protection.  In reality, they may stop at SPF5.

8. It is useless to apply Vitamin E oil on the skin to remove tough scars. Not a single study proves that it works. Once again, the oil will only moisturize the skin.

9. Do not fall for the $100 price tag attached to some creams and lotions. The high price does not necessarily make a product  more efficient. Our main concern should be with the ingredients. They must be suitable to the problem skin.What is funny is that it's not the ingredients, but packaging that drives up the price of the product.

10. Being aware of our skin needs can reduce our urge to try out every new cream only to feel scammed later. At least three things are important in this: a. Knowing the skin type b. Its reaction to different ingredients c. Making sure to avoid those that are harmful to it. Internet is our best friend. Use it to learn about the product that interests you. Read reviews of users. Inspect the ingredients before heading to the store to buy the cream.

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