Test Says Yogurt is Not A Friendly Face Mask Ingredient

Experts have always praised the effect of yoghurt on skin. They say it attacks pimples, dark spots, dryness and so forth. I decided to experiment with the thing to see how much truth is there in the hype. I must stretch that my sister warned me against it. She already did her portion of the experiment many years ago. She concluded that the result was nothing but cluster of pimples containing yogurt. They were creamy in color. Doesn’t that sound disgusting? We both have sensitive skin, but I believe hers is different than mine. That gave me enough courage to go head with the experiment. I was not pouring acid on my skin. It was just yogurt.

Experiment Begins

I went for the plain yogurt. I mixed nothing in it. Experts say nothing else is needed anyways. I applied the thing to my clean face like a mask and waited 10 minutes. I did want to keep it longer. But the refreshing smell of the yogurt soon started to turn rotten for my nose. It was like rotten milk. My nose has tremendous hatred towards it. So I hurriedly had to wash it off. After pat drying, I noticed a glow all over the skin. It also felt moisturized. Unfortunately, after a while, it turned overbearing too. I felt as if something kept my face clutched tightly. It was the oiliness. Soon the itches followed. Yet I decided to go to sleep. The next day, I got one pimple under my chin. It was huge. I feared getting more. So I decided t end the experiment.

What exactly went wrong? I still believe that yogurt itself did not cause the pimple. The problem was in the oiliness. I already have a combination skin. My chins and some other facial parts remain oily most of the time. Yogurt is also oily. So when both mixed together, my sensitive skin  could not take any longer. It is also possible that the excess oil ended up attracting dust from all around the room or bed. At one point, this is what summoned the pimple.

I am not going to use yogurt anymore. The test did confirm that it is not for me. Yet I would presume that those who have extreme dry skin might get some benefit from yogurt face mask. Its oil is quite intense if you ask me. That pimple came out too fast. So it would be better to run a test like this before making the ingredient regular for beauty treatment. 

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