Nail Polish Does Expire (Explained)

Nail polish formula is in constant motion of change. So many textures are available in the market. The quality usually decides the power of different recipes. The one which fails to last longer on the nails is seen as cheap.

The others which calmly withstand all the heavy duties for days are taken as best among all. But do nail paints expire? This has been an ongoing debate. Most brands claim that nail paint is capable of staying perfect for years. Well, this is true to some extent. But I will still emphasize that change in weather does have an impact on the ingredients of the paint.

The winter season is not always good for nail polish. This is when the recipe goes through problem. The paint cream simply separates from the liquid. See the picture to understand this better. Good news is that this can be solved. All you need is the nail polish thinner.
Clear liquid coming out of violet nail paint
But how should we fix the odor? Yes, certain nail paints, after several years, begin to give off an unusual odor. In 2002, one of my aunts gifted me a set of lollipop nail paints. No, they were not edible. Their specialty was that they came in bottles that looked like lollipops. The colors were blue, pink and silver. I wore them religiously for couple of years. But then my focus went to what was new. Just a year ago, I took out those lollipop paints. To my surprise, they were not only gooey, but also had terribly disgusting odor.  I would assume that it matched the smell of plankton algae covered water and rotten stuff of the drain. No thinner could make me wear them again. The odor definitely marked the end of their time in my life for which I buried them in trash can.  
algae in the water
Can you stand such odor? Rejuvenation technique will be easy for you. Go for the nail polish thinner. Otherwise, take the paint as dead forever.

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