Watch How Shoppers Go Crazy During Thanksgiving Sale

People wait for months for the Thanksgiving sale. The end result of this is not always best. Sure there is frenzy to save some bucks and there is nothing wrong with it. But behaving like it is the end of the world often leads to violence and death. Black Friday is quite well known for that. In 2008, the shoppers ended up killing a salesman at Walmart. Yes, it is that crazy. If you still find it hard to believe watch the video uploaded by GoodLawd tv.

Few facts about Thanksgiving Sales:
1. Electronic items come and go, but televisions remain the favorite to be bought during sale.
2. Some stores give gift cards to all those who spend $50+. This is taken as highly attractive by shoppers. Just to get one of those, they are ready to spend on things they do not even require.
3. Some great sales are now available online, but don't fool yourself into thinking that you will be able to catch up with it at 7am. Just last year, Best Buy's online site offered Asus laptops at a very low price (below $300). They were all sold out within 2am.
4. Door or gate opening time has been moving backward. There was a time when most stores opened at 6am. But then economic crisis began and stores saw a decrease in transactions. To do more business especially during this big shopping weekend, they moved to 4am. When this seemed not enough, they jumped to midnight. But in 2012, many like Sears and Walmart started the sale at 8pm of the Thanksgiving night. Do you think in the coming years, the entire dinner will be replaced by the sale?

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