Remedies to Remove Foot and Shoe odor

Foot odor is worse than the armpit one. Such a ferocious weapon it is! Shoe odor is no different. Both can ruin the air of an entire bedroom within couple of hours. Think about the embarrassment it might cause for you. If left free it might even drive your family members and friends away from you. That is why, you definitely need to take precaution against it as early as possible. Thanks to grandmas, many old remedies coupled with ideas forming from common sense are still alive for which the task can be taken as not so out of reach. Let’s discuss it all.

Rotate shoes and socks: When shoes and socks are given heavy duty several times, they do not just rip, but also end up with odor. So keep at least two pairs of shoes and wear each every other day. As for socks, make sure you have a good pack of them. You can buy them in bulk from Walmart, Target or Macy’s. Around December, they are usually put on clearance sales. If you take advantage of that you will save a lot of money. Last, always separate the used ones from the crispy clean ones so you can wash them at the end of the week.

Go for shoe freshener: This is a product designed to keep odor away from the feet and shoes. You can try out either Kiwi Select Fresh Force or 10 Seconds Deodorant and Disinfect and. By far, these two are loved by most for their effectiveness and prices.

Use unscented antiperspirant spray or stick: If you are going for the stick remember it must be rubbed between your toes. The spray version must be tried just inside the shoes. Refrain from going for anything like perfume. Mixed in sweat, it can actually create more intense odor.

Wash your shoes with anti odor agent in cold water: This trick will get rid of the odor from the shoes directly. But refrain from using hot water and washing machine as they can severely damage the bindings of your shoes. Instead use hands and leave the pair in the open. Nothing beats air drying. Which anti odor agent is best? Try OdoBan.
Other minor tricks are:
Dusting the inside of the shoes with cornstarch or baking soda: Sister tried both. She thought they helped, but I still had trouble staying next to her once she was home from work.

Leaving the shoes in the fridge: It is believed that cold temperature kills bacteria. Of course it is true. This is the reason why we humans keep our foods in the fridge. Some people tried doing the same with their shoes. The result turned out to be positive. The trick seems to be perfect for summer, but not for winter.

Epsom salt water: The trick is to soak the feet in warm water containing this specific salt for 15 to 20 minutes. It does not just kill odor, but also pain. Many believe that this should be done only two times a week. Go with this advice. But let me state that my mom tried it every day for her foot ache. She did not see anything negative coming out of it.

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