Reasons Why Your Ex is Contacting You Again

Once, they were apple of your eyes. You two went to many parties and shared midnight fun with each other. They were simply irresistible. But then came a time when you parted ways. It hurt you a lot. It made you cry. Perhaps, the breakup was your decision. Perhaps, they thought you were not the one they dreamed of. It took you days to get over them. Now no more you need to think about them because you have your ultimate guy or girl next to you. Several days passed by. Inside your mind you are once again happy, but then suddenly that ex of yours contacts you with a how are you or do you remember me line. What is wrong here? Why suddenly so much friendship pouring out from their heart for you? Honestly speaking, there can be several reasons behind this. We have them below.

Backup plan:

Most people when they wish to get out of their relationship, but have fear of being alone prefer to create a backup plan. In short, they first would like to have someone new and then ditch their present lover. When this new person is not within reach they go through the book of their romantic past to find an ex who loved and cared for them a little more than the rest. In their eyes, this type of ex lover is much easier to entice. This is one reason why your ex probably contacted you.

Loneliness and Low Self Esteem: 
Both loneliness and low self esteem sometimes can be temporary. But somehow they can be eliminated through ego boost. Nothing does it better than flirty words coming from the opposite sex. But what if no one is available at present? In this situation, a caring ex comes in handy! The loneliness can sometimes revive the dead relationship.

In need of Closure: 
A breakup free of closure is crippling for many. It can’t let them move on from their past relationships. This is depressing for their health. We definitely should not disrespect such ex lovers. They are tied to many questions. This calls for a heart to heart conversation.

Okay to be Friends with the Ex: 
Some people can move on very quickly and they definitely see no harm in being friends with their ex lovers. This is okay. However, if such arrangement complicates our present relationship or marriage we should stay away from it.

Revenge Plan: 
If you are deciding on whether to respond to the call of your ex always take the reason behind your breakup into consideration. Did you brutally break up with them? If yes, there is a high possibility that your ex wishes to get even with you through revenge.

Child in the Equation: 
This is a very sensitive issue and thus should be treated seriously. In this situation, your ex is not being immature at all. A child needs the support of both biological parents sometimes.

You Are the One: 
Just look at the love story of Kate Middleton and Prince William. They broke up here and there. Now they are married. This is rather a superficial example. Yes, they are together, but whether their marriage will last depends largely on what happens in their future. 

Any relationship that went through turmoil in the past might not always turn into a good marriage later. That said after several failed or shallow relationships, it is possible that your ex thinks that he had something of value with you. They wish to revive it. But please do not jump to conclusion that you will have a fairytale ending with them. Open the book of your past and read it. If your love with them was double edged sword just swim away. Keep in mind that majority of the time cheaters and abusers cannot give happiness to others for a long time.

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