Colour Me Glow Shades Review

Colour me glow is now on display at Walgreens. I thought to grab it for trial. it costs I think only a dollar. Sorry, I lost the receipt. From the back of the shades’ tray, I came to know that it is distributed by Profusion Cosmetics. So I went to their official site to know a little bit more about them. Okay, now I see the real price of this kit. It is $1.49. There is something strange about Profusion. They call themselves Californian distributor, but not the maker. My guess is that this product is not made in America because of how color is spelled on its lead. I can be wrong though and where this thing is made is not so important. But here is the good news; the site confirms that their products are not tested on animals.

Now back to Colour Me Glow, so is it of good quality? Can we get maximum benefits from it? Or is it just a cheap product with nothing interesting? All these questions will be answered here in great details. Each kit has a number. As you can see in the picture, I have got the number 2. When I actually was looking at them in the store, I could not say whether there was any difference in colors of each kit. In short, they all looked the same.

12 shades just at less than $2? Nothing can beat that. Another thing I like about this kit is that it has each color divided into different shades. Take a look at the picture. Do you see how French blue shade’s sibling aqua and navy blue are lying next to it? Same is true for pink, black and red. Only brown and orange shades are missing here.

When given enough time, these shades show their deepest strength. In other words, over the eyelids, they appear how they look inside the kit. My favorites among them are yellow and pink. I noticed that many other yellow eye shadows do not have appearing power. But this specific one is quite good. Only thing is that I don’t wear yellow. Pink, however, will be put to use. The applicator of this kit is plus point for all those who have smaller eyes. It does pick up a healthy amount of the powder.

Just one application is not enough to get the color appearing. The powder is clumpy, yet extremely loose. In the makeup world, this is known as less pigmentation. I am giving below another picture for you to see the clumps. Follow the arrows.

The loose powder also seems to create mess. During application, it falls off here and there, leaving the worn makeup almost ruined. But since its staying power is not good, it can be easily rubbed off with a tissue paper. Its mess, therefore, is not difficult to get rid of. Let me show you another picture as an example.

Too many applications, clutter and less staying power do not allow me to think of this product as excellent. But the colors are honest and the price is not bad. In a way these eye shadows are perfect for experimental projects. That is why, I would give them 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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