Product of Seduction Kills Ants (My Latest Discovery)

In the morning, as I went downstairs to make some coffee for myself I was met with sudden attack from ants. In their eyes probably, fall is almost near.So the hoarding work has begun. To us humans, this is quite annoyance. Who really likes their bites filled with poison? For me, they are big pain in the neck. I don’t like to get crawled up.  My day, however, turned out to be bad. I could not find the insect killing spray. I searched and searched the cabinets. I suppose my mom took it to her room where I was not allowed to wander at the wee hours of the morning. This did not have much impact on my patience.

I finally decided to try something different. It was right in one of the cabinets. To my surprise, it did work. In fact, it killed few of the ants within a second. What was that anti bug product? Well, it is something that we wear to cut sweat odor. It is that same product which softly can seduce men.

I am talking about body spray. It seems to have poisonous effect on ants.  Just see the picture given above. I sprayed the liquid right on those guys. After seeing this result, I got interested to find out whether perfume would have similar effect on them. As predicted by me, yes, it did kill them, but somehow it took more than 3 seconds for them to say good bye.
What this means is that in an emergency when no insect killer is nearby or when ants have invaded the surrounding of cosmetics, we can use body spray or perfume to kill them.

But do not expect this to be complete solution against thousands. Nozzles of perfume and body spray do not give out enough liquid to kill many ants at once. That makes the process of carrying out the war rather slow. But yes, it seems that body spray is a better killer than perfume. I used a cheap one. It is called Body Fantasies.
Not even enough was in the bottle. But it did the job. That was very nice of it. Smell wise, it was average. I would not go into that because I actually never wore this body spray.

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