Research Shows Facebook Makes Users Unhappy

Did you know there is now a course in American schools that deals with Facebook only? Yes, now this popular social network is something to be studied by college students. Perhaps, after a few years, we will also have a bachelor degree linked to Facebook? I went a little too further. Sorry about that! Anyways, the newest buzz revolving around this specific social network is that it makes majority of its users unhappy.

No, it has nothing to do with the unstable mind of Mark Zuckerberg’s which keeps changing the profile layout recipe almost every week.  Actually, a sociologist had a lot of money to waste on finding out why people on Facebook looked so happy. What surprised her (and not us users) at the end was that the result turned out to be the opposite.

Her findings reveal that people who spend more time on Facebook tend to think that their friends lead a better life than them. The accused factors are none other than the enormous amount of party and wedding photo albums that get generated by those happy friends on Facebook. A picture speaks a thousand words. That is the feeling of the unhappy ones as they gaze upon those photo albums.

Meanwhile, those who prefer face to face contacts with friends instead of relying on social network are not very much into the belief that others are happier than them.

This is the ultimate conclusion that the sociologist drew after interviewing 425 students. If you are someone who is saying, “wow, I did not even know it” then you can do more studies on it by getting hold of  the journal called Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Networking. This is where she published her report.

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