Examples of Foods That Improve Hair Growth and Texture

Hair is the grace of the head. When given extra care, it can add glow to a dull face. You must have heard that certain ingredients mixed to form paste on application can change the overall health of the hair. Yes, it can happen, but experts believe that a combination of healthy foods fed to the body is far more powerful than such recipes.

Their claim is based on common sense. When you take nutrition by mouth you allow it to breakdown in your system in most efficient manner. Moreover, once in the blood stream, it becomes more capable of getting absorbed by the scalp and hair. Mask recipes can do none of them. So the result you will get from them will give you only short lived result. Now you must be wondering what foods you should exactly have in order to keep your hair healthy. Let’s take you out of this mystery. See below.

Food Example#1: Popcorn, Oatmeal, Brown rice, Wild rice, Buckwheat breads and cookies
Above are all wholegrain foods containing zinc and iron. These two minerals help hair grow better and thicker. If you have anemia you should make a point to include wholegrain foods in your diet. Remember that anemia does not just make your body blood suffer, but also hair. You do not want your body to be lacking in iron. The above foods are also good source of carbohydrate needed by the hair cells.

Food Example#2: Nonfat milk, Cheese, Boiled egg, Meat and Nuts
These foods do not just contain zinc and iron, but also Vitamins which prevent hair from turning brittle and dull.  So always make an effort to include them in your diet.  Apparently, many salons will tell you that direct egg application will make your hair healthy. Unfortunately, research does not support it. But yes, eggs do contain keratin, a fibrous structural protein responsible for hair growth. If you are vegan try eating mangoes, carrots and broccoli. They are rich in keratin.

Food Example#3: Orange, Lemon juice, Papaya, Pineapple, strawberries and so on
You know very well that these foods are rich in Vitamin C. You will need them for your hair. Vitamin C helps body absorb iron properly. So the two must always stay together. However, do remember not to overdose your body with Vitamin C. Otherwise, you will end up with other different complications such as rashes on your skin.

Food Example #4: Tofu, Tuna, Sardines, Salmon, Cabbage and Hoki
These foods have omega 3, the healthy oil that keeps skin moisturized. Include it in your diet to keep your scalp free of itch and dandruff. If you are not into fish go for cabbage and walnuts.

Overall, try a balanced diet. Nothing can beat that. But one important thing you must know is that if you are suffering from damaged hair problem these foods will take at least 3 months to get rid of it. The process will be even slower under styling chemical treatment. 

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