Neutrogena Healthy Volume Mascara Review

Neutrogena healthy volume mascara regular is designed to plump, build and condition the lashes. Upon application, they must basically look 400 percent fuller. The wand is said to be partially responsible for making this task possible.

Additional claims include no clumps, smudges and flakes. The liquid can be easily removed with the use of soap or Neutrogena’s makeup remover. By the way, do note that it is regular and not waterproof. According to the label, the mascara contains oil of sweet almond, olive and meadowfoam seeds. Perhaps, that is why, it has been tagged as healthy. Anyways, the label also says that the mascara is dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested. The conclusion drawn from this is that it is safe for all those who have sensitive eyes or wear contact lenses. Yet in case of allergic reaction, Neutrogena has instructed to not use the mascara anymore. That is nice, but how good the mascara is can be answered by us users. So below is my review. Just like before, I will be giving talking about both benefits and problems in honest way.

The color of Healthy Volume is the biggest plus point. The one I have been using for three months is black 02. This color definitely darkness the lashes wonderfully. The overall texture of the liquid is also good. Only if applied 2 or 3 coats, it does not cause clumps and flakes. In a way, such a trial leaves the lashes lighter to touch and more natural looking. Upon application, they do look lengthier.

Neutrogena is very proud of this mascara’s gigantic wand. There is no way to underestimate it. Below is its picture. Take a look at the size.
Notice how it is bigger than the normal wand of IsaDora mascara. I feel those who have big eyes with lesser lashes will probably love it more. A point you must note is that the wand will decide the curls of your lashes. So to get the best result, you have to get comfortable with its huge size. By the way, it takes more than 3 coats to get the curls. This is what I have been noticing.

So how long does Healthy Volume last? In my case, it has been for several hours. I feel bad that I have not been keeping note of that. However, I do know that after 8 to 14 hours, the lashes seem to go back to being normal and some soft smudges become visible.  

Healthy Volume is little too much regular. What I am trying to say is that it does not dry out easily. Once it even ended up staining my sunglasses. I should have taken their picture. Truly, they were in a mess. What exactly went wrong? When I did not see the curls forming from three coats, I went for the fifth one and did not wait up to 30 minutes to dry out the lashes. This must have already hinted you that getting curls out of this mascara is difficult.  But no, do not think it is completely impossible. If you simply love applying one coat after the other for more than 8 minutes you will have no problem seeing the curls. 

The third problem is the wand. Because of its huge size, it can run onto eyelids easily and that equals to having mascara stains on the eye makeup. I have experienced this at least 7 times. I will just say that caution has to be taken while using this wand. In fact, slowest application is the best.

Fourth problem is associated with removable of the mascara. The liquid of Healthy Volume is greasy. I believe it is because of the amount of oil used in it. Other ingredients might also be responsible. No matter what the reason is, at the end of the day, even after a lot of rubbing with soap and face wash, the mascara does not want to come off easily. Do note that Neutrogena’s own makeup remover might be the solution. I just don’t use it anymore. I must also mention that you really do not want this mascara to get into your eyes. The irritation that comes from it can be extreme.

Healthy Volume is like normal mascara to me. Its results do not seem to have the touch of miracle or magic. Perhaps, it is best for all those who want their lashes to have a thick coat of color only. But yes, decision of whether to really buy it must be taken only after inspecting  wand. In my review above, I did not cover the topic of this mascara’s effect on eyes with lenses. I actually cannot say anything about it because I don’t wear them.

We expect good products from Neutrogena. I feel regular Healthy Volume can have a good future. But for the time being, because of all the problems highlighted above, I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars. 

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