Meaning of the White Mark You Have On Your Nail

From time to time, you will find a straight or circular white mark on your nail. Several myths make it look like a mysterious thing. Some believe that the appearance of white mark on a woman’s nail make her more capable of cooking good dishes.

Others say that it is a sign of calcium deficiency. None of them can be taken as facts. Therefore, we have to consider them as nothing, but myths. The meaning of white mark has one specific meaning. Let's have a discussion on that today. 

There is actually no mystery on what a white mark is. Experts believe it is the sign of trauma the nail has gone through. You see, sometimes accidentally, nails bend. Reasons can be anything ranging from falling down to simple stroke on the finger. Carrying heavy objects can also bend the nails. No matter what the cause is, white mark is a sign of injury

Apparently, certain liquids can end up leaving the white spots on the nails. A good example is nail polish. Not all ingredients in it can be friendly to them. This is just my own viewpoint. I have been noticing that my nails cannot stand New York Color (NYC) nail polish. I suppose the problem is none other than what makes up its liquid.

Even one coat leaves a nice white mark on few of my nails. I would call it allergic reaction. However, the white mark coming from NYC is no normal injury. It is more like a burned spot. Consequently, now NYC only serves me in arts and crafts projects.

I would end this post by saying that if a nail polish inflicts such marks on your nails stop using it. The best is to just return it to the store. but that is possible only if you save its receipt. 

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