The Curious Case of the Furious Girl Who Attacked All

Something really terrible happened last week in Florida. It was just one ordinary day when a girl on the school bus wanted to enjoy her candy, but was stopped by the driver.  Throw the laws of obedience out of the topic. She did politely say okay and keep the candy back in her purse. Instead she lost her temper and spitted on the bus driver.

Once out of the bus, she was greeted by cops. They urged her to stop screaming or they would take her to jail. This, however, did not result in any kind of peace treaty. The girl lost her temper all the more and she began attacking all around her with asphalts. In the middle, the cops bore an extra attack of lawn chairs (made of aluminum) and threat, “I will f*** kill you”.

Eventually, the girl was arrested. But in the jail, things did not go peacefully either as she was found hitting her head against the walls. Unable to think of anything else, the cops used pepper spray to stop her.

Now how old is this girl? Just 9. What went wrong exactly? According to the mother, it was an episode from the mental disorder known as schizophrenia. She also claimed that skipping medication could turn the girl violent.  

Many people are finding this claim hard to believe because it is usually thought that one becomes schizophrenic only after he or she reaches the age 13. But the medical journals reveal that this mental disorder can also occur in those hitting age 5. Only thing is that it is quite rare.

As for this specific girl, her name is mentioned by the cops, but we will avoid knowing it here. If you already know who she is good for you. By the way, she is now back at home, but with detention.  

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