Simple Way to Put a Stop to Strong Nausea

Nausea is one of the sickest feelings. There is just no way to properly describe it. Likewise, it influences the body to go through utter turmoil. Because of all this, various pills to stop nausea are available.

But not all of us keep them at home. Sometimes we just want to avoid them and go for the natural medications found in ginger, lemon drops, juice, sodas and so on. But one thing we must know is that they cannot help those who become sensitive to strong flavors due to the ugly face of nausea. Of course, in a way, none of us is really safe from this kind of problem. The entire condition depends on what illness we have.

So eventually, we are compelled to stay away from them, letting nausea win against us. This is pretty outrageous! But hold on,  there is still another weapon left. Today, we will discuss it here. If you really try it out you will be quite surprised by its positive effect.
The cure to the strong nausea is hidden within the two energy drinks: Powerade and Getorade. Pick the one you like most, but do not drink it from the bottle. Doing so will actually not eliminate the nausea. Instead, you need to fill up a cup or mug with some ice cubes and then pour the energy drink in it. After that, just sip slowly. Do remember to relax while doing this. Sit in a quiet place and enjoy the drink. Soon your nausea will leave your body.

Tips/ Warnings
1. Sometimes nausea can be the result of high fever, food poisoning and other diseases. Under such circumstances, the method will work only temporarily. This means that after certain hours the nausea might come back. But yes, it can still be taken care of by the reuse of the method.
2. Nausea can prevent us from eating meals. But the above method can solve this problem. So when going for the meal, instead of water, try one of the energy drinks with ice cubes.
3. Licking of ice cubes can also give you relief from nausea, but the process will be slow.  
4. If you have a disease that forbids you from taking any of the ingredients found in Powerade and Getorade then do not try out the method.

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