How to Make Hair Appear Naturally Shiny and Silky for Parties and Photo Shoot

Gel is often taken as the substance for giving quick style and shine to hair. But the problem it causes is that it leaves hairs a bit too sticky. That is why; if you are planning on not going for a ponytail you should completely avoid using that. But this also means that your hair might stay dull. You can definitely eliminate this by giving a bit of shine to it. But how would you do it? There are two methods that you can use.

Washing hair under cold water: You might have already heard that hot water is like poison for the hair. As a matter of fact, it can also make you go bald. Interestingly, what no one mentions is that hot water also kills the shine from the hair. But of course, this does not mean you do not enjoy cleaning yourself under it!

Next time, especially, before a party or photo shoot, try washing your hair with cold water. This will not only make your hair shiny and soft, but also will free it from looking messy. However, before going towards this step do make an effort to clean your hair with a shampoo containing two in one formula. You do not want dirt in the hair to show up!

Applying silk therapy: If you have fear of coming in contact with cold water you should try this one out. A little expensive, but silk therapy is definitely a miracle hair product. Yes, from name it sounds like a medication, but in reality, it is like a moisturizer for hair. Good news is that it also boosts shine and softness. Now there are several silk therapy products in the market, but the one that works best is Biosilk. Using it is not rocket science, but since it looks like oil, you might end up using too much of it in the hair. Just stop yourself from doing this. The trick is actually to rub one drop of it on both palms and then apply it to the hair. Most beauticians working in salons know how to use it. so if you cannot figure out how much of silk therapy you need ask them for help. This product will definitely give your hair elegance in the party. Your pictures will also come wonderful. Since it does not cause grease or stickiness, it will make everyone think that your hair is naturally like that.

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