e.l.f. Essential Mechanical Eyelash Curler Review

el.f Essential Mechanical eyelash curler has been called an innovative device.  It is not just easy to use, but also safe. Its black pad is made from silicone rubber and is said to give just the right amount of pressure to the lashes in order to get them curled. The surprising factor added is that this rubber is immune to heat.  But is it all true? Let’s find out.

The hollow handles of this eyelash curler can be taken as its biggest strength. They are ergonomic and thus, holding the curler with comfort is relatively easy. Their black color also makes it look sophisticated.

The curler itself does a wonderful job in curling up the lashes. They do not go out of shape. They do not look clumped. One press is enough for them to get beautifully curled. Sure e.l.f says that the rubber is immune to heat, but the truth is that the curler does not require to be heated at all.
The lashes go to a new height when they are being brushed with mascara. Even at this stage, they stay curled. So we can assume that the curler’s effect remains long lasting. The black rubber pad, however, is both a boon and curse. It seems quite friendly to the lashes. But it has a serious flaw. We find about this in our problem section.
The rubber pad in e.l.f Essential Mechanical lash curler is loose. Unfortunately, this is what makes the tool extremely dangerous for first time users. I was one of them. I had no idea that the rubber was not glued. So once, when I was able to press my lashes with the curler it fell off and the sharp metal ended up almost cutting my eyelid. I got severely hurt. This can just happen to anyone, but nowhere on the label, has e.l.f. really warned people of this loose rubber.
I did a bit of inspection to find out if the rubber pad was ever glued to its spot. See the image below.
The metal basically has no sign of glue at all. It is empty. This means that e.l.f is already aware of the loose rubber. They just released it in the market like that. Do notice the edges of the metal. They are extremely sharp.You do not want them to be near your lids.

This is a great curler. It works better than some of the most expensive ones. But its loose rubber is a big problem. Of course, we, the ones who come to know about this can use our glue to get it attached to the curler. But think about the newest users? If they buy it without being aware of its loose rubber they will put themselves in danger. e.l.f should take the problem seriously. The lash curler has a potential to become one of the best. For the time being, it can just receive 3 out of 5 stars.

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