Aishwarya Rai Gets Pounded by OMG For Her Dress

Yahoo’s omg! is a great place for acquiring useless knowledge about the lives of celebrities. Apparently, its link has been on mamma site’s front page with a display picture of Jennifer Lopez in clothes made from smuggled skins of 3 dead African pythons (just kidding).

I clicked on it to see it’s enlarged version. Of course, this made Yahoo redirect me to omg! page. On reaching it, I found a little bit of criticism accompanying Jello’s picture on its right hand side. It was about her dress.

Could not laugh to it and therefore, I kept clicking "next" button to see who else was pounded by this unknown Yahoo writer. Suddenly, I stumbled upon Aishwarya’s picture from Prix De Diane Longines. The skirt, top and jacket she wore in it were absolutely gorgeous. But the prickly author from omg! dismissed it as an embarrassing attire. Even her beautiful hat was not spared.

Something is definitely wrong here.  There is a possibility that the author did not really see the clothes worn by other guests from the same event on the same day! Otherwise, he or she was writing her commentary under influence (Yahoo, you need to start drug screening).  If her peach colored dress and hat were embarrassing then what should we think about the ones give below? 

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