What Does It Mean When Women Say They Like Confident Men

Ask a lady what she wants in her man and she will definitely reply that he must be confident. It is one of the few factors women want in a man. But what does it exactly mean? There is no denying to the fact that the term is broad, making it difficult for men to understand it fully. Apparently, in this broadness lies its multiple meanings which are rather situational. If you don't learn all about them you will not be able to keep a partner in your life for a very long time.

Being confident initially means you must be daring enough to get out of your shell to ask her out: Remember a woman will find it rather odd if your friend asks her out on your behalf. Why? Because that is the dating tradition found in middle school. Also it screams aloud that you do not fully trust her and that you have been discussing her with probably too many friends of yours. Lots of things can run through her head about it, but one that stands out as the worst is malicious gossip. Are you discussing with your friends her expressions and mentality? A confident man doesn't do this. When he likes someone he takes the risk of inviting her to a date face to face.

Being confident during the date means you can carry yourself with ease in front of her: As you know, a date session will allow your lady to get to know you better. So here being confident means that you are comfortable being who you are. In other words, you do  not become nervous, unusually quiet and closed off.

Being confident during sex means you know what you are doing: Here you have to show to a woman that you are comfortable with your body and the way you would like to please her. Going blank, however, will put you in the opposite direction! Note that not all women are looking for sex and those so called experienced men. Yet don't be shy to be a tease in this department. It can make her want you more.

Being confident about the relationship means you know where you are going with her: Women dislike confused men. It is irritating in the sense that it speaks of going in circle, leaving permanence out. A confident man is sure of what he wants out of the relationship. He does not make up excuses to kill time with random dates. He does not fear uttering I love you. He makes a point to make the relationship official. If he is not happy he does not disappear for days. Instead he makes it clear that he wants a breakup.

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