Gorgeous Dress Made from Hershey’s Red Licorice Twists

On 27th February, Miss Pennsylvania 2012, Jordyn Colao, attended Go for Red event to celebrate 10th anniversary of heart disease awareness.

The highlight of the event was her dress which was made from real Hershey’s Twizzler twists.  Doesn’t that sound exciting? Of course, it is easy to think that such a dress would not come out correct or look odd. But this has turned out to be a misconception. Just have a glimpse of the photos of the dress to know why.

In these two photos, we are seeing how the dress is made. They prove one hundred percent that it has been decorated with real Twizzler twists.
How did it then come out? Only the trial can reveal it. This is what we have below.
The photo above shows only the top. How about a complete look? Well, this is what we have below.

As you can see, the beautiful face of Jordyn Coloa simply added richness to this red dress of candy, leaving it more gorgeous than how it appears. She is definitely looking like a Disney princess. Probably, her won tiara has made this blossom even better. 

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