5 Worst Compliments You Do not Want to Receive

A compliment is taken as a positive gesture, for it boosts the recipient’s self esteem. But there is a way to structure the lines of these compliments appropriately. Otherwise, they turn out to be offensive. You don’t believe it? Well, then take a look at some real life compliments and the hidden meanings surrounding them.

1. I like you because you are different.
This is a compliment made popular by some romantic movies. In the real world, is a very common line. In fact, as a girl you will hear it million times in your single life. Mostly guys will use it on you. But there is nothing exciting about it. The real meaning hiding behind it is, “you are not like other girls, but I am not sure how that is so”. A guy who likes you for who you are should be able to say at least five of your qualities which impress him. This is the best to figure out whether he has taken time to get to know you better.

2. I love being with you because you remind me of my late or ex girlfriend.
Lots of painful emotions are attached to this compliment. But it really is full of selfishness. The person wants to be with you not because of who you are, but for how your personality or face reminds him of someone he had in the past. 

3. You are beautiful. You look just like your cousin.
The first line is okay. But you do not want the next one to be part of the compliment. Its hidden meaning is “you would not have been beautiful if you did not look like your cousin XYZ”.

4. You can never fail in acting because it is in your blood.
You will receive this compliment if you are a second generation actress in your family. At face value, it looks quite inspiring. But the true message hidden within it is “you are fake because your parents themselves are fakers”.

5. You look pretty when you are angry.
This compliment comes usually from either a boyfriend or husband. Probably, it is a way to pacify an angry tigress. But do you ever wonder what is the indirect meaning attached to this kind of compliment? It is “normally, you are not pretty”. 

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