L'Oreal Vive pro Hydra Gloss Moisturizing Shampoo

L’Oreal shampoos are not advertised widely for which not many people are into them. But the ultimate fact is that they are not just made for women, but also for men. While the women’s versions are marketed in three different bright colored bottles, the men’s versions come in black bottles. But all of them are titled as Vive Pro.

I got Vive Pro Hydra Gloss for dry hair despite the fact that my hair is silky. I just wanted to try out something new. All my life I faithfully used Pantene. Anyways, Vive pro is said to have royal jelly, a milky liquid made by bees. According to the bottle label, it is supposed to heavily moisturize and soften the hair. For best result, just like most brands, L’Oreal recommends users to get the Vive pro conditioner also. However, I chose to go without it. If you have been a regular visitor of Forest for Women you might have noticed that I never wrote a review of shampoo. The reason is once again my loyalty towards Pantene. But is Vive pro powerful enough to replace it? You will know its answer in the review below.

The best part of  this shampoo is its scent. It is sweet, relaxing, long lasting, yet not overpowering.  First time when I used the shampoo this scent totally blew my mind. Next, Vive pro liquid is very consistent and thick. I almost had the feeling that I was applying beaten raw egg to my hair. The fascinating part of this shampoo is its ability to dry out the wet hair quicker. I am sure that L’Oreal during lab testing did not notice it. Otherwise, they would have highlighted it on the label.

My hair does not have any damages. That is why, I cannot tell whether the shampoo can really fix them. However, it seems to have no problem in leaving the hairs soft and separated from one another. Additionally, even without the conditioner, it does a great job of adding a healthy amount of gloss to them. In other words, the hair does not look dull at all. But yes, do not expect to see sparkles. That is the job of conditioners and shampoos with 2 in 1 formula.

Does this shampoo make hair fall badly? In my case, this has not happened. Yet I will not say that the chemicals in it are completely friendly. I will explain it all in details under the problem section.

The liquid is very sticky and extremely less slippery. This makes it difficult to massage it on to the hair. The best possible thing to avoid this problem is to use extra drops of this shampoo.  However, Vive pro bottle is not gigantic and thus, such a technique will only make the shampoo run out faster.  I have tried my usual mix in water idea to break this stickiness of this shampoo. But it has not proven to be very helpful. The shampoo just does not wish to spread.

First time when I used Vive pro I was happy with its overall result. However, now I notice that it gives me rashes on my scalp (started after 3rd trial). This happens even if I use a very small amount of the liquid and wash my hair perfectly. I am now very suspicious of the ingredients that go in this shampoo. On the label, I see that one of them is salicylic acid, the acne fighting substance (rarely used in shampoos). I believe sneaky L’Oreal knows that chemicals in the shampoo can give allergic reactions to the scalp. That is why, salicylic acid has been added to it. Unfortunately, it remains ineffective at least for me.

The scent is good, the gloss is nice, softness can be appreciated and getting the hair dry out faster is beneficial. Yet there is no way I will say that you should rush to store to grab this Vive pro Hydra Gloss. Instead it should be used only after careful testing. The rashes coming from this shampoo are not just itchy, but also painful. In fact if you are prone to getting allergies avoid it completely. So how many stars should I give it? Trouble free scalp is more important than hair gloss! That is why; I bequeath this shampoo 2 out of 5 stars. 

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