Lethal Fashion: The Danger of Wearing High Heels

Shoes are a great way to show our taste in fashion to others. For women, luckily, there is just a different variety of them. Yes, the options are unlimited, but not all of them are friendly enough to support us in all situations.

The biggest culprits are the high heels. They should never be worn at a workplace requiring hours of standing up. The reason is pretty simple! High heels cause severe leg ache which at one point turns into a torture, but this is not all! Several studies have proved that women wearing high heels regularly are at risk of:
  • Having knee osteoarthritis: This is a disease marked by deterioration of knee joint. In a simpler way, it leads to deformation of joints.
  • Unusual ache when wearing normal shoes: The research has shown that muscle found in the leg area gets so programmed to bear the weight of the high heels that at one point it becomes incompatible with normal shoes.  Because of this, the discomfort or ache occurs.
  • Ankle pain later in life: Generally, this starts to occur after the age of 60.
  • Back pain: Yes, high heels lead to back pain also. The reason behind this is that these shoes, when worn, ask the entire body to stay at a certain position to support the legs. The back usually is given more responsibility, leaving it to struggle with ache.
Overall, regular wearing of high heels leads to different health related complications. So think before you decide to make them your close buddies. Now it is still tempting to think that the heels that are not too tall are okay to wear. Unfortunately, researchers see red flags in all shoes that stand on sticks! Not even 1.5 inches is considered as safe.

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