e.l.f Essentials Waterproof Eyeliner Pen Review

This is my 100th post and therefore, I will dedicate it to something good and wonderful. It is called e.l.f Essentials Waterproof Eyeliner pen. It costs only $1. I experimented with it (color: black#7303) for 3 months and here is the result.

As mentioned before, the eyeliner comes in the shape of a pen. But it actually works like a marker. The lines coming from it are thicker and almost have the quality of liquid eyeliner. Their wetness is never a problem, for it quickly dries off.

I really like cat eye look. But thanks to my shaky hands, getting it in perfect length for me has always been a struggle. Good news is that this e.l.f Essential eyeliner pen has made my job easier. I now can get my cat eye look without any problem. What I am trying to imply here is that it glides on to the eyelids very smoothly. Even the shaky hands do not form an obstacle. Now is the eyeliner really waterproof? The answer to this question is yes. Because of this same reason, it lasts over the eyes for several hours. I have actually not seen any smudges coming from it ever.  

Admittedly, since I paid so low for this eyeliner, I had no faith in its quality and thought that it would expire quickly like its sister, e.l.f Essentials Regular and Waterproof Mascara Duo. But now after 3 months, I am happy to assert that my doubts and negative predictions have been broken into pieces. The eyeliner still is in perfect condition and has not run out at all. In short, I am still using it.

I cannot really think of a problem associated with this e.l.f product. It seems to be one of their best achievements. Yet I will say that once on eyes, it resists leaving because of its high quality waterproof feature.

It is no wonder that this eyeliner won an award and has managed to gain many admirers. Perfect for both new makeup users and experienced stylists, it never seems to show any flaws. Even if it runs out disappointment cannot follow, for it costs only a dollar. Simply, it deserves all the 5 stars.  

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