Color’s Connection With Personality Is a Joke

Red seems to be always associated with negativity. According to psychologist, people who like red tend to be more free spirited, but also aggressive. Meanwhile, it is claimed that most criminals have a liking for black, green people are faithful and calm, pink people are flirty and friendly, blue people are depressed, white people are honest and conservative.

Perhaps, their studies showed some kind of precise result, but by using my own observations, I will say that color cannot define a person’s personality.  I will tell you why here.

Nick Cartner’s favorite color is green. That means he is down to earth, faithful and peaceful. But in real life, he is something completely different. I do not know whether he is down to earth, but he definitely is not faithful and peaceful. Once he made it to the headline for cheating on Paris Hilton. Of course, before that she was the one who did it. When Nick Carter was asked why cheated on her he replied that because he heard from people about her infidelity and thus, he could not take their relationship seriously anymore. Another point to note is that he does have an anger management problem. He has been the most hyper BSB member.
Interestingly, Kim Kardashian’s favorite color is white. What does this lady’s career profile say? She is not just famous for her reality television show, but also for her explicit videotape and pictures. But if we take color personality into account we will have to conclude that she is the type of woman who would not even dare to touch a mini skirt.

Personally, I know someone who likes red very much. She is so obsessed with it that she makes sure to only buy red cars whose decorations are also of that same color. But she is neither aggressive nor free spirited. She gives into people’s wishes all the time because she cannot say no. At the same time, she is too much of an introvert.

Overall, color cannot define a personality. But I still wonder whether psychologists believe that people who like too many colors at the same time have multiple personality disorder. I tried to find a journal containing a research on this, but received zero result.  They seem to have never did any studies on this issue. 

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