15 Rare Songs About Breakups, Heartbreaks and Memories

Songs explain the pain associated with breakups and memories like no other things in the world. And why wouldn’t they? After all, they are embroidered with the most profound creative elements like poetry and music.

But if you are looking for songs that are true gems, but do not make it to radio then you are at the right place. Here we have 15 such rare songs. They sure are about relationship sorrow, but they are so beautifully composed that any listener will find them soothing for the ears.

1. Carnival of Lust by Poets of the Fall: This is one song that will make you realize how much we here in the United States are missing out in terms of great music.

Carnival of Lust was a big hit in Europe and it still continues to garner new admirers. Those who are fed up of fake dates will easily relate to the song.

2. Breaking up again by Accept- This song is quite direct. It explains the day that is started after the breakup has happened. However, one thing to remember is that in the lyrics it is mentioned that the relationship went through so much trouble that they kept breaking up again and again, but this time it is for real. She is really gone. The general tempo of this song is slow.
3. Past Perfect by Thurisaz- This song deals more with a relationship that was too good to be true. Unfortunately, it did not work out. Yet the memories haunt the person as he realizes that she was the other half of him. Again, the song is slow, but with a touch of classical piano music.
4. Meaning of forever (Part2) by Morphia- This is one song that does not only speak of memories, but also the acute pain that comes after the breakup. As a matter of fact, one part of the lyrics does say that it would have been better if the two never met. Just like all others described before, the song is soft and slow.
5. To blossom blue by Lake of Tears- The title says it all. The second half of this line is, “Is to blossom without you”. This doom metal song is direct in what it expresses. She is no more there with him and he is somehow coping with this.
6. October and April by The Rasmus and Anette Olzen- Europeans are probably very much aware of this sad song.
But here in US, not many even know the Rasmus. October and April is little different from their other songs. It is a soft duet that talks of love that was bitter from the very beginning. Many will relate to it.

7. Burn the remembrance by Katatonia- This is not a slow song, but does remain true to the theme we are talking about. It still is different in the sense that it focuses mainly on moving on. The song describes memories as second hand impressions which must be allowed to die.
8. Always for you by Album Leaf- This is more like an atmospheric pop song. The lyrics in it are profound. She is gone, but he ponders how he could never express to her the passionate love he had for her. This song actually has a touch of both happiness and sadness. Apparently, he continues living the memory and love he had for her.
9. One last goodbye by Anathema- This song is again about the pain of losing a loved one. According to the lyrics, the person was always insecure about her. In the end, it turns out to be true. She leaves him. It is important to mention here that this song can be about any loved ones like mother, girlfriend or wife. The band dedicates this song to all who left us.
10. To bid you farewell by Opeth- Although the title directly says it is a song about leaving, the lyrics express all the grief associated with pain of losing a loved one. The song was actually written as a tribute to the lead singer’s grandmother, but its overall tone enables all in pain to relate to it. This song is slow in the beginning, but picks up the metal beats later. By the way, it is 10 minute long.

11. Memories by Within Temptation-  This is, perhaps, the most successful song of Within Temptation. As the title suggests, it is about the memory of a lover, but he is just no more in this world. The general tone of the song is gothic and spiritual in a pagan way.
12. Sacrifice by London After Midnight- Sacrifice got exposure through a fan made video. It was a tribute to the movie Crow and late Brandon Lee. The work turned out to be so good that it indirectly helped  London after Midnight many new fans.
However, the song is not about thriller of any kind. It mainly focuses on a relationship that will never see the daylight. The lyrics are dark, yet profound.
13. The way we were by Barbara Streisand- This is a classic sad song about two people who started out right, but things later turned sour. So they depart. However, this song implies that not everything about the relationship is worth remembering. Since it is sung by a female singer, it is most appropriate for female music listeners.
14. Love from the stone by Dark Moor- This is by far the most unconventional heartbreak song we have in this list. It does not focus on normal relationships and the singer himself has no connection to it. The song simply is based on the star crossed lovers from Teruel, Spain.
15. One Day by Kamelot- Roy Khan is one of the best metal singers. He sang many beautiful breakup songs. But One Day is a true gem made immortal by the enchanting voice of Roy Khan.

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