Why Relationships Can Be Toxic for Teenagers

In the United States, as soon as a teenager starts going to high school, he or she is expected to have a relationship. According to American culture, it raises status in the friend circle. For this same reason, sometimes parents also encourage their teenage son or daughter to start dating. The pop culture is another thing that promotes such idea. But should you as a teenager really need to be a part of it? The truth is that no because it is not a requirement. In fact, there are several valid reasons which can help you understand that having a relationship during teenage years is not a good idea at all. Just read them below:

1. Your grades will get impacted: Your high school grade point average is your key to getting into a good university. A relationship has many issues which will impact how your perform in your classes.  In other words, your boyfriend or girlfriend might cause you to ruin your good GPA. Think about your mom and dad. Have you not seen them fight and stay tensed about it for hours? Same thing can happen to you and your partner. Why go through this when you have a good career to look forward to? What you do in your high school is tightly linked with your university years.

2. You will be missing out the fun of being a child: Having a relationship needs some maturity. You basically have to force yourself to appear like that in front of your partner. In the process, you will sacrifice having the fun of being a child. Yes, you might think that since you are able to understand many things, you have become an adult. Unfortunately, once you reach 25, you will feel like going back in time to become a teenager once again to enjoy the innocence of life. High school years are actually better without a relationship. It will allow you to feel free and jolly with your friends.

3. Your relationship might simply not work out: It is quite easy to think that a relationship will raise your status in your friend circle or high school. But interestingly, it is seen that majority of the time high school couples do not get to see a happy ending. There can be many reasons behind this. One of them is that after they become adults, they get the feeling that they are not really suitable for each other. Otherwise, one partner moves out to study in a different a state or distant city. Overall, there are many failed high school relationships. You can become a part of this statistics also. What if your partner ends up breaking up with you? In a way, this will only show you that you have wasted your time with them.

4. Depression that comes with the heartbreak: Being lonely among many high school friends who have partners can certainly be frustrating. But having a breakup is more painful than this. You will feel that this is the end of the world and that no one would ever love you again. Such thoughts will make you extremely depressed and thus, your teen years will be full of sadness and sorrow.

For all this and more, we can conclude that having a relationship for a teenager is nothing, but a hassle. High school years must be spent on education because at the end of the day, this is what will help you become the most desired bachelor or bachelorette. There are survey results that actually stand by this statement.

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