How to Make Sugar Scrub with Experiment Report

Sugar contains glycolic acid which is a form of alpha hydroxy acid. You heard about this compound before. Many cosmetics brands boast of having it in their skin care products. The reason behind this is that the compound has the power to remove wrinkles and even cure acne, and hyperpigmentaion. That is why, adding sugar to skin treatment regime can be taken as healthy and beneficial. I did experiment with it in scrub form. In the beginning I did one mistake! I will reveal it here today. We will also learn how to make and apply the scrub.

The Benefits and Warnings
Recently FDA revealed that glycolic acid has a tendency to leave the skin more vulnerable to sunlight. Consequently, it must not be used regularly. When I had no idea about this I went ahead experimenting with the ingredient every single day. The result of this was tiny visible acne which compelled me to assume those who have sensitive skin must not use the product at all. I am not talking just about sugar. Acne can get severe from all kinds of scrubs containing any tiny solid particles including grape seeds. Just think about what happens when you scratch a pimple. Doesn't it increase in size and make the area red? Tiny solid particles we brush against our skin work in that same way. Here instead of using our nails, we are letting them do the job of scratching. That is why, we should not use scrub regularly. I assume using it just once in 7 days is enough. Now here are some actual initial benefits that sugar scrub can give us:

  • Removal of dead skin cell from upper layer 
  • Cleaner skin
  • A little bit of shine
  • Freshness
  • Saves money on expensive exfoliators
I do not think in scrub form sugar can cure wrinkles and all other skin problems mentioned earlier. To eliminate those, we probably need to use it in melted form. I will run an experiment on it and publish the result here later.

How to Make the Scrub
Now let’s find out how to make the scrub. The recipe I have come up with requires only two ingredients.  It can be made any time of the day.  But I would recommend trying it only at night before going to bed. As revealed by FDA, it would be wrong for us to go in the sun after the exfoliation. Also do not simply start applying the scrub all over the face. First perform a test on a small area of your facial skin to see if it reacts negatively to the scrub. If the result turns out to be bad do not use it at all. It is true that sugar acid is quite weak, but our skin tends to be weaker especially when it is going through problems. Review what is written before to know how sugar can work against skin. Back to preparation, the things required to make the scrub are as follows:

Organic granulated cane sugar: It is truly best to stick to organic sugar because it is slightly freer of harsh compounds such as chemical fertilizer and pesticides. Trader’s Joe, Walmart, Amazon and many others sell it.

Your face wash: Yes, this is the only product you will need.

Application Steps

  1. Squeeze the face wash tube to pour a good amount of it on the palm of your hand. 
  2. Next, pour on it one tablespoon of the sugar. 
  3. Now rub it with your other hand. 
  4. Then use both hands to massage your facial skin. Go in circular motion gently. As you start massaging you should get a comforting sensation on your skin. 
  5. Once you start to feel that you have touched up all the areas of your face rinse with warm water and pat dry.
  6. By now your skin should feel clean and soft. To boost this, do not forget to use the toner and moisturizer.
Tip: If you wish you can use sugar as a scrub for your entire body during shower. For that you basically have to mix this sugar to your shower gel and then apply to your body.

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