Things to Include In Your Boyfriend’s Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

Valentine’s Day baskets usually contain many essential presents related to love and friendship. However, most of those things are more suitable for women and not for men. So giving one of them to a boyfriend can turn slightly embarrassing.

Basically, the best thing to do is to make one for him. Good news is that the job is not difficult at all. Below is a list of items which will make your job much easier. See if you can get them from the store. Note that we are skipping the tiny little Valentine’s Day decoration pieces like flowers and balloons.

Chocolates or Cookies: They are a must and you know that! But pick either cookies or chocolates. No need to include both. The best brand for men is Mrs. Fields or Godiva. If the man you are with is not yet your official boyfriend, pick rectangular shaped chocolate box for him. That will keep your gift basket more formal and he will not even think you are pushing it all on him.
Stuffed animal: Decide which one looks manly. It is easy for men to think that teddy bears are overused and cheesy. So to be on the safe side, you can include a monkey in the basket. Otherwise, go for video game characters. Avid gamers like collecting them. 
Dog Tag Necklace: If you want your boyfriend to carry a piece of you everywhere consider adding a dog tag necklace to the basket. Best is to pick something red to go with the theme of Valentine's day. Dog tag necklace is made mainly for men and tends to be affordable. Hence, your boyfriend will not mind wearing it. 
Cap: The necklace we just talked about will not fill up your basket because of its tiny size unless you insert it in a box. If this is the reason why you wish to skip it for something bigger consider buying a cap for him. This is one of the best gifts for men who watch sports. 

Mug: Stores are filled with all kinds of mugs. Of course, you should pick the one that has the theme of 14th February, but make sure it contains no heart or cartoon artwork. If necessary go with a red colored plain mug.  Otherwise, you can get a personalized one because most often Valentine’s Day based mugs are not used, but kept as decoration pieces on the table. It is the habit of men. So who can get you personalized mug? The answer is Wal-Mart and Walgreens. By the way, if you wish you can also pick a wine glass instead of mug.

Pen: Nothing can beat that. No worries, your boyfriend will appreciate this gift. It has been a tradition among men to gift pens to one another. So they can be taken as a safe present for a boyfriend. Try to score a golden or silver colored pen. Both the colors go in sync with the red fervor of Valentine’s Day.

Paperweight: This can give a unique touch to your gift basket. But it can be difficult to search one that has Valentine’s Day theme. You basically have to try different stores. You must still know that paperweight can be made from polymer clay.

Key chain: This is a tiny keepsake present, but available in many different forms. Moreover, every store has them. Go with the one that attracts you most.

Framed picture of you two: This romantic gift will capture your boyfriend’s attention. You can use it as the center piece of the basket. Just get a frame and picture of your choice and put them together.

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