Tropez Concealer Stick Notes

The brand, Tropez is not very well known despite the fact that its affordable cosmetics are available in drugstores. Once I just picked up its concealer stick for trial. In this post, I will review it. But before we go into that you must know its features. So here we go, Tropez concealer is designed to cover both dark circles and spots coming from acne. In a way, we can describe it as a product of multipurpose.

It comes in three shades, glides on easily and is non-clogging. This information is not something written on the tube label. You will find it on the official website of Tropez. Interestingly, the features seem to have an air of hesitation. You will definitely know its reason as soon as you start reading the review given below.

As soon as I came home from the drugstore, I embarked on trying out the concealer. By the way, just to be on the safe side, I chose the medium shade, but of course, this did not welcome any surprise. The quality of Tropez concealer is very basic. The texture is creamy just like a lipstick. On a dry skin, that is a boon.

Secondly, it does not run out easily. So it can be used every day. Another point to note is that the concealer works best on a makeup free skin. At least this is what I noticed after couple of more usage. So anyone looking to just hide acne marks will appreciate it more. It simply blends well.

Tropez concealer cannot be used under liquid and mineral foundation.While the liquid version easily cleans it off, the mineral one gets stuck to it. The reason behind this is the creamy texture of the concealer which does not dry off. Unfortunately, that hinders the pleasure of wearing makeup.  

Next, under the eyes, this concealer can give an uncomfortable feeling due to its heaviness. For me, the area also turned out to be itchy. Because of this, I will say that it can be harsh on acne prone sensitive skin. Those who have oily skin might also find it hard to accept. It is again because of the creamy dryless texture.  Another problem is that throughout the day, under the hot sun, it starts to melt and that ruins the makeup. Due to this, I have had my share of embarrassing situations. Those who have wrinkles should stay away from it. The problem is that the concealer color does not blend well with the lines to make them invisible. Also its color over them tends to become dull and artificial.

Tropez concealer is very affordable. The price is usually somewhere between $1.29 and $3. It is also hard to ignore the fact that inside the tube, the concealer lasts a long time even after several usage. So it can be taken as friendly to tight budget. But as mentioned before, it comes in limited shades and is just not appropriate for all skin types. Quality wise, it is below average under the makeup, but good on a bare skin, but that is also if it is free of problems. By keeping all this in mind, I will give Tropez concealer stick 2.5 out of 5 stars. 

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