Understanding Sagittarius Rising

Sagittarius rising is marked by a carve tall body, thick hair and seductive eyes. The men and woman, therefore, win much admiration for their physical appearance from everyone.

They do not even require seducing anyone by the extra effort of flirting. In a way, we can assume that people fall in love with them easily. Yet it must be added that both the male and female natives can have an inclination towards enhancement of their physical beauty by utilizing other means like watching their weight, wearing elegant clothes and jewelry.

These are stylish beings and will go a mile to preserve their signature beauty.

Personality wise, the Sagittarius rising has much energy. The natives just like the idea of being in the spotlight and they actually work hard for it.

Although Sagittarius is not cardinal, as a rising sign, it gives its carriers some leadership qualities. They tend to be bold and persuasive, but not much of a listener. They just do what they think is right and never fail to look knowledgeable.
They usually do not like obstacles. If one comes in front of them they will do everything to break it apart. Personal freedom is something they do not like to sacrifice. Additionally, Sagittarius rising is all about experimenting. Because of this, the natives can be found breaking taboos in various situations of their lives. They have a tremendous need to stay in lively locations. Depending on the other parts of their natal charts, this can be a metropolitan area or a house full of relatives and siblings.

In love and relationships, expect Sagittarius rising to be slightly devoted to the personal freedom we talked about earlier. The natives just need to have it in order to feel comfortable. They usually like a good marriage, but in relationships, they might not always stay faithful. It is just that the idea of living in the moment compels them to give chances to other admirers.

Meanwhile, in marriage, they can stay faithful as long as their partners prove to be as energetic as they are. It is also important to mention that these natives are highly dominating and they prefer to practice it even on their partners.
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