Makeup Brands That Do Not Test on Animals

We are aware of the fact that many cosmetics are tested on animals before they reach the stores. This testing has turned out to be a major issue of concern, for it does include animal abuse. So far European Union is the only one which has taken an action against this by banning the entire process. But in America, it is not the same.

Yet it must be mentioned that many American women now have made up their minds to not buy cosmetics that are tested on animals. This is definitely a good step towards awareness.  

But the only problem is that many simply do not know how to find out which brands are really into animal testing. After all, cosmetics labels never mention anything about this. This, however, does not mean that the information is completely out of reach.

Actually, the record of every company testing on animals can be found at the official site PeTA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).  If you are not aware of this site then you should take a few minutes to explore it.

The people behind this only want to free animals from any abuse.But if you wish to just have the list of companies that are into testing on animals you should go here. This is a PDF file link from PeTA.

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