Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara Review

I bought this Rimmel  mascara just when it came out. At the time, there was a buy one get one free promotion going on for it. So I thought I picked the right product for myself (gave the other one to my mom).

According to Rimmel, this mascara is designed for enhancing the beauty of the lashes while keeping them separate and clumpless. So in a way, it is not from the volume build up category. But should you still try out this mascara? You might be able to decide that after reading the review given here.

I have been using this mascara for a while now. The best thing to say is that it has been in my cabinet for more than a year now. I know it has already expired, but again, since I have too many mascara products, sometimes I just do not pay attention to it (will be explained why later). Yet there is something surprising about its liquid. It has not dried out at all.

One thing I really like about this mascara is that it dresses up the eyelashes extremely well.  To be clear, it makes the lashes glossy, separate and darker. I will be basically saving its brush after I throw away the tube, for it is compatible with my lashes.

I will first answer here why I never pay attention to this mascara. The reason is that it leaves the eyelashes wet. Yes, it does not dry out quickly. In some cases, I actually had to redo my entire makeup just because its little drops from the lashes ended up badly staining the areas over my eyelids. Secondly, it does not have a good relationship with lash curler. I noticed that after I curled my lashes when I tried to wear this Rimmel mascara they went lower. It could be because of the heaviness they felt from the watery mascara liquid. But I was definitely not very happy with that. Last, I am little suspicious about the ingredients that make up this Rimmel mascara. The liquid dripping from the lashes and landing right inside my eyes left a burning sensation. They got watery and I felt as if I poured acid in them. So I will just say that I feared that this mascara would eventually kill my eyes.

The mascara is good for keeping lashes separate and darkening their color. But it does leave them lowered. That basically cancels out the reason for which we wear mascara. You know one of our missions is to get them slightly curled through it? We just cannot get that from this specific one. It also seems to have ingredients that are not friendly to the eyes. Because of this, I would give the mascara 1 out of 5 stars. Meanwhile, I would also ask new buyers of this product to stay alert. Save the receipt. You might again need it.

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