3 Ways to Get Eyelash Curler Heated Without Hair Dryer

Eyelash curlers are used for curling the eyelashes. They simply make the eyes and their makeup look more mysterious and beautiful.

It is known that they do a better job when they are heated up through hair dryer. But many women are hesitant to try it out. Actually, the approach itself is very dangerous. What if the eyelash curler gets heated up so much that it ends up burning the lashes? But worry not. In fact, you are not required to use a hair dryer on the curler to warm it up. Try other methods instead. Just see them below.

Method #1: Armpit

Did you know your armpit preserves heat? Yes, it is true. So next time, after you finish dressing up, just put the eyelash curler in your armpit and close it with your arm. Wait for couple of minutes and then take out the curler. On touching it, you will feel its warms. Just use it right away on the lashes to get them curled.

One problem of using this method is the waiting time. It may take several minutes for the curler to get the right amount of heat. Also if you are wearing tank top this method is not going to be of any use. But of course, you can still try it out.

Method #2: Hot pan
It is a fact that hot metal heats up another metal on touch. And as we know curler is made from metal. So if you let one of its sides to touch the hot pan in your kitchen it will be ready for giving your eyelashes long lasting curls. Now do keep in mind the picture shown here. The red circled area is to be brought close to the hot pan.  

But do be careful with your hand.  In fact, if you are under 18 take help from your mom while trying out this method. Hot pans can be dangerous for human skin. Another thing is that you have to make sure that the temperature of the curler does not go too high. Otherwise, you will end up with burned lashes. 

Method #3: Heated Eyelash Curler
Even companies know now that women prefer their eyelash curlers to be heated. That is why, they have come up with curlers that heat up from a touch of a button. How does it happen? Through battery of course. Some of these technologically advanced curlers, however, look more like mascara wands and combs.Others look like plastic cases. See their picture below.
Apparently, the best thing about all these curlers is their prices. They are available under $30. So investing money on one of them is not a bad idea at all. 

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