Proper Dress Code for In-Class Speech or Project Presentation

Presentation is feared by many. After all, it involves standing in front of an entire group of people. Interestingly, doing a presentation in front of a class is scarier.

In a business environment it is much easier. Yet caution must be taken on how we appear in front of any groups. At the end of the day, we do make an impression with our presentation. Special attention must be given to dress code. In most business classes, the professor will give instruction on it prior to the presentation day. So in a way, business students are in a safe position. But those who do not get any instructions about dress code from the professor must remember the following:

1. No matter what you wear, make sure it does not have a slogan attached to it. This is very important especially if you are the shy type. A slogan just creates more attention.

2. Your dress should not be too revealing. Keep your cleavage and knees covered. Otherwise, the male students will not take their eyes off you breasts and knees. Although this might make you feel wanted, your professor, on seeing this, might end up deducting your points. The truth is that dressing conservatively is taken as dressing professionally.
3. Avoid jeans unless your professor has no problem with it. This is one instruction we students got from our business classes. Jeans are taken as "too casual". Same applies to flip flops.

4. Your dress can be of any color, but black, gray and brown will usually save the day. Yet avoid red and extra bright white to keep others' attention towards your moderate or lesser.

5. You can go for either skirt, pants or simply a dress. But make sure it does not have fancy prints. Also it should not make a show of your butt. Trust me, some male students and even perverted professors have scanners in their eyes.

6. No real rules apply to tops. I personally have seen students get away just by wearing formal pants and skirt. So I must conclude that the top usually has very less role to play in a presentation as long as it involves no slogan or cleavage show. Yet try to not to go for a sleeveless one. Also remember, blazers will make you look more professional
7. Wear sandals or flat shoes. It is also okay to go for heels, but during a presentation, it might end up giving you discomfort. It will turn physical at one point. Your achy legs will compel you to have an urge to sit. It is just best to wear the shoes that best match your dress. I did 25 minutes presentation in my freshman year. Being inexperienced, I was standing on heels. Ten minutes passed and my body began shaking from the achy legs. It was no fun at all. I finally understood that there was nothing that could be more comfortable than flat shoes.
8. Earrings must be smaller in size. You do not want the class to feel that you are at a party or out shopping with your friends.
In conclusion, during a presentation, you must be dressed in a way so that you feel comfortable enough to deliver your speech without feeling award or nervous. You might not know, but half of the time what you say in the presentation does not really go in the ears of class because they find listening to you boring. However, if your clothes turn out to be a little to fancy everyone might pay extra attention to you and that is also in a bad way!

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