5 Easy but Beautiful Nail Art Tutorials from Youtube

You have seen a new trend in nails’ fashion department. Now nails can be painted in such a way so they look artistic. Yes, we are talking about different arts done on them to boost their beauty.

Unfortunately, some of them can be done only by professionals, considering the fact that they require a good amount of concentration, patience and different materials like stickers. But are their nail arts that do not require them? Of course, yes!

Just take a look at the nail art tutorials given below. They are not only easy to follow, but also require less or no additional materials except for nail paints. 

1. Splatter Party Nail by CelestialDreamx3

Do you have a girly fun party to go to? If yes do use the above tutorial to paint your nails for it. Celestialdreamx3 is one of the smartest artists. She can manipulate the usual nail paints to bring about innovation in their shades. This is what you will find in her splatter party nail art tutorial.

2. Easy Rainbow Drip Nails by Totally Cool Nails

If you do not want to use the thinner required for the splatter party effect shown above you can try out this tutorial of rainbow drip. This is a very beautiful nail art that can be done using all the nail paints you have in your cabinet.

3. Nail art design flowers step by step by Jacookiie

A simple flower can bring out the elegance of the nail. But drawing it in size of a rice grain is not always the easiest task. But on the contrary, it is not so impossible either. This is what Jacookiie proves in her tutorial video above.
4. Basic Zebra Nails by Klairedelys Art

Zebra art on the nails is perfect for any evening outings. Although it is easy to do it leaves the nails looking sexy and confident. Try out the above tutorial by Klairdelys Art to get it all. Her explanations are very clear to follow and remember.

5. Cute Strawberry Nail Art by Cutepolish

Do you like how strawberries look? If yes you need to get them on your nails too. Let Cutepolish help you with this. I myself have taken advantage of it and trust me, any lime colored nail art polish can be used to get the effect of strawberry leaves to create this art. 

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